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Thoughts and Theories

This is where you'll be able find various Gar related musings and rantings that I've come up with over time.  Instead of having to hunt down my various ramblings at different forums, they'll all be collected here in a nice, convenient home page.  Remember though - these are my own, personal opinions - yours may vary.

The Mento Helmet Consipiracy Theory
With everything that's gone on with Steve Dayton, Gar's stepdad, there HAS to be something wrong with that helmet.

Theories on Gemini
Gemini's existance makes NO sense, particularly with DC's current timeline.  So how does this shapeshifter really fit into the scheme of the universe?

Thoughts on Gar and Relationships
Can he really let himself fall in love?

Theory on Gar's Name Change
Why suddenly change from Changeling to Beast Boy?

Was the Chief (Niles Caulder) Responsible for Gar's Powers?
We know the Chief was behind the accidents that gave the other members of the Doom Patrol their powers - was he behind the scenes when it came to Gar's shapeshifting?

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