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Was the Chief Responsible for Gar's Powers?
Two things have been clearly stated in the comics.

1.  The Chief has acknowledged that he knew Gar's father (the extent of this was never fully explored).
2.  The Chief was responsible for not only the accidents that gave Robotman, Negative Man, and Elasti-Girl their powers, BUT he was also behind the accident that destroyed the Brain's body (in Teen Titans #37, it's revealed that the Brain was intended to be Robotman, but Mallah fled with the Brain before the Chief could put it in the robot body).

Now, based on these two facts, there is a minute possiblity that the Chief was somehow involved in how Gar received his powers.

In Gar's initial origins, he contracted Sakutia as a child.  If the Chief was at the same research station, following this particular origin, and exposed the young boy to the deadly Sakutia, then guided the experiments Mark Logan used to save his son's life.

Gar's most recent origin says that he was bitten by a rare green monkey, which infected him with the Sakutia.  It makes for more of a "stretch," but if the Chief was at the research station at the time, he could have captured then let loose a green monkey in the vicinity of two possible victims (either Gar, or his mother, who was outside with him at the time).  Again, the Chief might also have guided Mark Logan's research in a way that the cure had the lasting effect of bestowing shapeshifting powers.

Yes, this is simply a theory, but it is based on known facts.  Hopefully some writer will pick up on this and possibly explore the idea.

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