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My collection here is slowly increasing, but finding fan art of Gar is still like finding a needle in a haystack. Usually we find him in a group pic morphed into an animal. I've spent hours on the net trying to find solo pics of Gar.

Click on the artist's name to go to a page of their work.  For those artists with only one picture, they've been moved to the "One Shots" section. Artists with multiple pictures each have their own section.

All images are the property of their respective owners.  Please do not borrow them for other sites without permission.

If anyone has anything they'd like to contribute, click on the submission guidelines link for details.

One Shots
One Shots
Single pics by various artists.
Guy A. Mirville
Guy A. Mirville
Jerome Galica
Jerome Galica
Luciano Vecchio
Luciano Vecchio
Scott Simmons
Scott Simmons
jeeto2013 Jeeto 2013
naddyleez Naddyleez
Rachie Roade Rachie Roade (aka Last Stand)
Wonkeau Wonkeau the Sane
ukyoluvr Ukyoluvr
Rita Torres (aka Chupacabra)
My Deviant Art Page
When I started this site, there was almost no Beast Boy fan art out there.  Now there are thousands of pictures - most of it at  It's almost too much for me to keep track of here.  Click on the link and go to "My Favorites" to see at least a hundred more pieces of Beast Boy fan art.

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