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News Archives and Update History

News:   Updates 2/28/07

New goodies!

There's a new page in the Fun Stuff section!  Thanks to the digital camera I received for the holidays, I finally managed to take pictures of all of the original comic artwork I've purchased over the years.  All of the images have been uploaded and linked to the new Original Comic Artwork page.  Check it out!

Plus, if you've been watching the hit counter, we've just about reached 50,000 hits since the site opened.  Twisted Shipper has provided the newest hit pic, displayed above.

News:  Updates 1/1/07

Construction is over!

All functions are up and running!

Remember that all links have changed - be sure to update your bookmarks.

News:  Updates 12/28/06

Yet another construction report!

My goal is to get everything changed over from the old board by New Years... so despite screaming mothers and migraines, I'm still working towards that goal.

In fact, a good portion of the site is now moved over here.

Latest added:

  • Fun Stuff
  •  - Avatars
  •  - Screensavers (2 new screensavers added)
  •  - Wallpapers
  •  - Art Commissions
  •  - Color Bars
  •  - Costumes
  • Comic Gallery
  •  - New Teen Titans
  •  - New Titans
  •  - Teen Titans v. 2

Oh yes... after the comic galleries are transferred - coming soon:
  • more art from Wonkeaux and Rachie Roade
  • more comic scans
  • more wallpaper

News:  Updates 12/23/06

Construction Report!

The following sections have been added:
  • Fan Art
  • Fan Fiction
  • Submission Guidelines
  • Thoughts and Theories

We also have updates!
  • Fan Art - new art added to One Shots and Jeeto2013
  • Fan Fiction - 5 new stories
  • Thoughts and Theories - Mento Helmet Conspiricy Theory is updated AND a new theory has been added

News:    Updates 12/19/06

Reconstruction Report:

The following sections are now up and running:
  • Doom Patrol v. 1
  • Teen Titans v. 1/Teen Titans West (with new images added)
Thanks to KTHunter for sending me scans of issues on the want list.

It looks like the comic galleries updates may be a bit slow - I'm trying to add more images as I go.  I may jump ahead and update some of the other sections sooner.

News:   Updates 12/9/06

Reconstruction Report for those who are watching the updates as they progress.

The following sections are fully functional:
  • Main Page
  • News Archive
  • FAQ
  • Links
  • Forums
  • Contact Me
  • Guestbook
  • Votecaster
  • How to Link to Us
  • Our "Want" List
  • Features
  • Gar's Bio
  • Gar's Origin
  • Appearances
  • Merchandise (and it's sub pages)
If you see any broken links or missing images, please let me know!

News:  Updates 3/11/06 

Front Page
 - A directory listing of what's where on this site
 - A domain name poll - please vote!!!!!

Comic Gallery
 - 2 full pages of Teen Titans Go! images of Beast Boy (scans up through issue 28)

Fanart Gallery
 - More images added to the Deviantart favorites

 - New "Little Lover Boy" screensaver to go with the wallpaper
 - Another page of avatars (sized 100 x 100 - you can resize if necessary.

Coming next update:
 - More comic scans
 - Wallpapers
 - Fanfiction
 - Fanart
 - Screencaps

News:  Updates 11/26/05

It's an update!  You may proceed to faint from shock.

I don't know why, but I got on a screencapping kick this holiday break.

Comic Gallery
- Main page - re-labeled the Animated Series pages to identify each page by episodes.
- Teen Titans the animated Series - 3 pages of screencaps (screen caps up through episode 5x07)

News:  Updates 7/10/05

Wow, another update within 3 weeks!

I invested in a little program called "Frame Shots".  It's a neat program for doing screencaptures.  Using it cut down my time on doing screen caps enormously - it automatically numbered the names and allowed me to adjust the resolution - so I didn't have to go back and optimize all 466 captures that I made.  These are all uploaded and mostly set up on homepages.

Comic Gallery
 - Teen Titans the Animated Series - 6 pages of screencaps added.  I've only put up through Season 4, episode 9.  I'll put up episodes 10-13 as soon as "The End pt 3" airs.

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