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Gar's Origin

The Logan Family
Logan family
Doom Patrol 100, p. 10

Gar’s Origins According to Arnold Drake, take 1 (Doom Patrol 100):

Mark Logan was a medical doctor specializing in biological research.  His dream was to reverse evolution to attempt to bring missing species back to life.  He took his wife Marie and their son Garfield (approximately aged between 2 and 4) to Africa where he could begin his research. 

When Dr. Logan finally believed he unlocked the secret of reversing evolution, he also discovered that Gar was critically ill.  Gar had contracted Sakutia, a disease deadly to humans.  Their only hope was to use Mark’s experimental ray to turn Gar into a green monkey.  Dr. Logan left his son in that form for 24 hours to ensure the disease was cured.  Afterwards he returned his son to human, but the green color remained.

A while later (Drake doesn’t say how much later), Marie Logan was attacked by a snake.  To save her, Gar instinctively changed his form to a mongoose and killed the snake.  Mark told Gar not to reveal his ability to change shapes to anyone.

The Logans remained in Africa until the rainy season.  Their camp was washed away and the family fled in small boat.  Mark insisted Gar turn into a bird and save himself when the boat was pulled into a swift current.  He watched his parents go over the waterfall to their deaths. 

Drake ends Gar’s origin at this point.

One important note here:  the colorist has Gar’s hair brown before he becomes green.

Dr. Logan's Exam
Logan family 2
Doom Patrol 112, story 2, p. 3

Gar’s Origins According to Arnold Drake, take 2 (Doom Patrol 112-115) :

Mark Logan had earned his MD before he turned 25, with the promise of becoming the top internist in the city in 5 years.  Instead he decided to become a researcher.  Dr. Logan became wealthy creating techniques and devices for medical companies.  Instead of remaining, he packed up his family and moved them to Upper Lamumba.

While he spent most of his time researching, he also took time out to aid the local chieftain, King Tawaba, who was suffering from an infection.  Mobu, the witch doctor, was not pleased.  However Dr. Logan’s treatment cured the infection in the chieftain’s foot.  Mark then returned to his research.

Dr. Logan thought he had finally managed to break the evolutionary barrier and went to tell Marie, only to discover that Gar was ill.  Marie didn’t want to disturb her husband’s research to tell him that Gar had been sick for days.  The disease, Sakutia, was a deadly cousin to Malaria.  To save Gar, he used his invention to turn Gar into a green monkey and kept him that way for 24 hours to ensure his survival.

Gar’s first change came about when he changed into a mongoose to save his mother from a poisonous Black Mamba.  Afterwards, Mark told Gar not to let anyone know that he could change to animals.

The rainy season came, washing out their camp.  Dr. Logan told Gar to turn into a bird and save himself.  As their boat went over the waterfall, he told Gar to go to the village to King Tawaba.

Gar arrived at the village to discover from Tawaba’s wife that the king was dying from a fever.  Mobu needed leaves from a wiiko tree to make a brew to save him, but the wiiko tree was a five day journey on foot.  The king wouldn’t have lasted past a day.  Without telling Mobu about his shapeshifting ability, Gar turned into an eagle and flew to the mountain for the leaves.  At this point we learn that Gar is 6 years old.

Gar returned with the leaves in time.  The grateful king learned that Gar’s parents were dead, and adopted him as his own son, making Gar a prince of the tribe.  However, once Gar learned all the details of education that he would be required to endure, he built himself a tree house and went to live in the jungle outside of the village.

Meanwhile, Mobu the witch doctor plotted against Gar, two jewel thieves entered the jungle looking for treasure, and, 5,000 miles away, Simon Galtry was appointed Garfield’s legal guardian.

Mobu overheard the jewel thieves plotting to steal the sacred gems of the tribe and tried to make a deal with them.  He would help them get the jewels if they agreed to kill Gar.  Gar had been living in his tree house with a chimpanzee friend he made, surviving by changing himself into different animals.  He overheard the witch doctor leading the thieves in the plot to steal the sacred gems.  After following them into a secret location he changed into different animals to try and stop them.  One of the thieves fired a gun at Gar, wounding him.  They grabbed Gar as the ceiling began to cave in and escaped.  A dying Mobu tried to convince King Tawaba that Gar was aiding the thieves, but the king saw through the lie.  Gar remained in the hands of Stokes and Kurt, jewel thieves.

The thieves brought Gar to Johannesburg.  Oddly enough, no one seemed to think it was odd that two men were walking around with a green boy.  Stokes convinced Gar that he was going to steal “pretty Easter eggs from the Easter Bunny.” (a side note… in part 1 of the origin, Drake stated Gar was 6, but here in part 3 he says Gar is 5)  Using his powers, Gar turned into different animals and avoided the alarms, stealing diamonds for the thieves (though he thought they were glass eggs).  The authorities followed, but Gar turned into a kangaroo and hid the diamonds in his pouch, saving the jewel thieves.

Next Kurt and Stokes had Gar steal gold blocks by telling him they were yellow blocks to play with.  After bringing everything back to the thieves, Gar decided to “play a game” by hiding the gold and jewels.  The thieves each thought the other was trying to cut the other out.  Gar saw the thieves shoot and kill each other.  He was left alone again, unaware that Galtry was looking for him.

After apparently visiting the village and hearing Gar was taken by the thieves, Galtry arrived in Johannesburg looking for him.  Someone who had heard the thieves told Galtry they had a boy with him… a green boy.  Meanwhile the hungry child nabbed some bananas from a street vendor’s cart, turned into a gorilla, and escaped to a rooftop.  When he was climbing down, he was captured by two Neo-nazi’s that were capturing gorillas.  They loaded Gar into the truck, but opened it up to find only a green butterfly.  Curious, Gar began nosing around.  He found that the Nazi group had been capturing gorillas to turn into an army, teaching them to shoot guns, drive jeeps and land via parachutes.

Gar realized that something was wrong and decided to try and shut down the lab by pulling the electricity.  At the same time, Galtry took a wrong turn and  got lost.  He headed towards a building, tripping an alarm wire.  The building happened to be the same one where Gar was trying to free the gorillas.  The boy turned into a gorilla and led the captured gorillas into a revolt (acting as their “general”).

Galtry stumbled in as the battle was ending, discovering Gar (who had returned to human form).  Galtry took the boy (and possibly took any reward for breaking up the Nazi plot).

Another note on coloring:  In this series, the colorist made Gar’s hair blonde prior to his transformation

Three different versions of the same incident
Doom Patrol 100, p. 9
Doom Patrol 112, story 2, p. 2
Tales of the New Teen Titans
p. 2

Gar's Updated Origin by Geoff Johns:

Teen Titans 13 p. 1
Teen Titans 13 p. 2
Teen Titans 13 p. 3

Beast Boy's  Extended Origin by Arnold Drake:

Doom Patrol 112 p. 22
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