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Welcome to the Comic Image Gallery.  

Click on a button to enter various eras of Garfield Logan in comics.

Please note - due to image sizes, some pages on some monitor resolutions may require scrolling to the side.  I am working on fixing this.

Doom Patrol v. 1
Gar's Early Years in the Doom Patrol

Teen Titans v. 1/Teen Titans West
The first appearence of Beast Boy in the Teen Titans, plus the beginnings of Teen Titans West

New Teen Titans
Gar's New Teen Titans years by George Perez and those who came after.

New Titans
Gar growing up in New Titans.  Older, and somewhat darker.

Teen Titans v. 2
Gar in his own mini-series, plus his return to the Doom Patrol.

The Technis Imperitive
The Titans meet the Justice League, with Gar's best friend's fate hanging in the balance.

The Beast Boy mini series and Titans LA
A 4 issue mini series focusing on Gar, and the team that almost followed.

The Titans
The series that followed the Technis Imperitive... the team Gar refused to join (but still appeared in a couple of issues anyways).

Doom Patrol v. 3
Gar as Beast Boy in the 2003 version of Doom Patrol written by John Arcudi and drawn by Tan Eng Huat.

Teen Titans v.3
My favorite images of Gar from the current Teen Titans series.

Elseworlds and Amalgams
Gar in Amalgam (DC/Marvel crossover) and Elseworlds (alternate universe stories).

Guest Appearances
In continuity guest appearances in other series.

Teen Titans The Animated Series
Selected screencaps from the cartoon.  All screencaps feature Beast Boy, of course. 

Teen Titans Go!         
Images of Gar from the Teen Titans animated series comic book.

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