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A collection of my favorite board links. - THE best Titans related site on the internet.

Doom Patrol Online - A great Doom Patrol resource, with synopsis of many of the early issues.

DC Comics - The people who really own Gar, Doom Patrol, Titans, Teen Titans, etc.

Micro Heroes - Jerome Galica (aka "ballbreaker") has a great site full of Micro Heroes, including the Titans and Doom Patrol.

Titians - A rather interesting alternate version of the Titans.

Luciano Vecchio's Site - Luciano has not only Titans art, but also JLA, Young Justice, Batman, Superman... and is probably the only site that I've seen with "Amethyst, Princess of the Gemworld" fanart.

Heromachine - Design your own superhero - or just redesign someone's costume. This site is highly addictive.  Scroll down to the bottom for the free version of Heromachine 1.

Scott Simmons Homepage - Collections of illustrations by Scott Simmons.

The Doom Patrol Blog at Blogspot – A great blog featuring information about the Doom Patrol and related items… such as Beast Boy ;)

Doompedia – Another blog featuring information about the Doom Patrol and related items… such as Beast Boy ;)

Oz and Ends: Sensational Character Find of 1965 – A brief retrospect of Gar’s history


EC Online is another great anime style Titans/YJ site.  This links to the English version.  It hasn't been updated in ages, but there's still some good stories and artwork.

Create FREE graphics at

This is great site that helps you make animations and decorative text - it's where I made the site title and in the past I've made animated text.


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