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Color Bars

Color bars are all the rage right now, so I decided to give them their own section.  Artists all over LiveJournal are making them, and here are some from artists kind enough to let me post them.

Color Bars - save them to your hard drive and upload to your own site, then use as required by your message board.  PLEASE do not link directly to the color bars on my site without permission.  A lot of hard work went into these color bars - please be sure to credit the creator.

Color Bar by my_kryptonite


Beast Boy is Love

Color Bar by azarathinroth


Beast Boy is Love

Color Bars by  prommagedon_pit


Beast Boy is Awesome Love


Beast Boy is Love

beastboy is love

Beast Boy is Love


Beast Boy is Love

Color Bar by starfire353

beastboy is love

Big Head Beast Boy is Love

beast boy is love

Comic Beast Boy is Sexy Love

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