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Beast Boy/Changeling screensavers made by me for his fans to enjoy!

To use install the wallpapers, click on the download link, then save the zip file to your hard drive.  Unzip the file, then run the installer program.

Sorry, but the screensavers are PC only - I don't have the capability of making screensavers for other operating systems.

Beast Boy Over Time Screensaver
This screensaver features images from 6 different eras in Beast Boy's history, from his early Doom Patrol days to the cartoon.
Beast Boy Screencaps Screensaver
Beast Boy Screencaps Screensaver
Fifteen different screencaptures from the Teen Titans cartoon featuring Beast Boy.

It's Not Easy Being Green Screensaver
A scrapbook of images from Beast Boy's history, set to the song "It's Not Easy Being Green" as sung by Kermit the Frog.

Sexy and Green Screensaver
The sexiest pics of Gar to date.  These are the pics that make my heart flutter every time.
Little Lover Boy Screensaver
Made to match the Little Lover Boy wallpaper.

Matt Logan Cubes Screensaver
Pictures of Gar and his cousin Matt Logan rotate in cubes across your screen.

Matt Logan Album Screensaver
A "family album" focusing on Gar's cousin Matt.  Yes, Gar is in a couple of pics there too.

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