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Beast Boy/Changeling wallpapers made mostly by me.  You can link to this page, you can use the wallpapers on your home computers, but please do not copy these wallpapers any sites without my permission.

To use the wallpapers, click on the size you want to use, then either save it to your hard drive, or right click and set it as your wallpaper.

split costume
Justiniano Split Image Wallpaper
I used this image of Gar done by Justiniano in a Legends of the DCU story for the new site link banner.  Enough people have commented on it that I decided to turn it into a wallpaper.  This picture splits the costume Gar wore during his stint as Beast Boy with Teen Titans West and his costume as Changeling from the New Teen Titans.
800 x 600   1280 x 1024
McKone Moon
McKone Moon Wallpaper
This image by Mike McKone is in Teen Titans 3.  It took me a while to edit out the text, but I think this is the best image of Gar that Mike has done so far.  He just looks so darned awesome!!!!
800 x 600    1280 x 1024
Beast Boy
Cartoon Beast Boy Wallpaper
A friend of mine found this on a site and sent it to me.  I can't find the original link.  If anyone knows who created this, please let me know so I can give credit where credit is due. Thanks to BCVM22 for sending it my way.
800 x 600   
Justiniano moon
Justiniano Moon Wallpaper
I just totally love this image from the Beast Boy mini series.  It took quite a bit of editing to get the text out and to extend the background, but I think it came out great.
800 x 600    1280 x 1024
The Face
The Face Wallpaper
There is no resisting "the face."  Thanks to n8twing for sending me this screen cap from the cartoon.
800 x 600
Scott's Wallpaper
Scott Simmons Award Winners Wallpaper
Scott Simmons, 1st prize winner of the Birthday contest and 2nd prize winner of the Spring contest, created this wallpaper of his two award winning images.  Watch Scott's site at for more!

Raindrops Wallpaper
I really liked this particular screen capture I made from the Forces of Nature episode and decided to make it a wallpaper.
800 x 600
Evolution Wallpaper
From Teen Titans #7 by guest artist Tom Grummett
800 x 600
Phone Wallpaper
Beast Boy is waiting by the phone in this wallpaper from Teen Titans Go! #2, drawn by Todd Nauck
800 x 600

The Beatles Wallpaper
That great scene from Teen Titans 10, when the Titans dress up as the Beatles.
800 x 600

Bursting Out Wallpaper
Beast Boy bursts onto the scene.
800 x 600

Captive Beast Boy Wallpaper
It took a while to get just the right screen capture from the sequence in "Every Dog Has His Day" to make this wallpaper.
800 x 600

Perez Changeling Evolution Wallpaper
A classic scene from Gar's Changeling days, drawn by George Perez for one of Gar's biography pages.
800 x 600
Perez Changeling Pin-up Wallpaper
This pinup by George Perez has appeared in comics and graphic novels.
800 x 600   1024x768
Caverns of Blood Wallpaper
Gar and the other Titans have infiltrated Brother Blood's hideout - this great Mike McKone pic shows Gar in the caverns.
800 x 600   1024x768  1280 x 1024
Psychadelic Fashion Wallpaper
Mad Mod strikes again!  This time he tries to outfit the Titans in the Teen Titans Go! comic.  I've taken Todd Nauck's drawing and set it in front of a psychadelic background.
800 x 600   1024x768  
Sittin' on the Dock of the Bay Wallpaper
A great pic of Gar by Tom Grummett - no, that isn't a blanket.  I blurred out the picture of the bad guy's head, then applied a canvas texture to the whole image to give it a unified look.  The original picture is in the comic gallery.
800 x 600   1024x768  1280 x 1024
80's Classic Mosaic Wallpaper
Another great George Perez drawing of Gar, complemented by a mosaic texture overlay to create more interest.
800 x 600   1024x768  1280 x 1024
Little Lover Boy Wallpaper
A sweet chibi Beast Boy from the animated series holds flowers for someone - who has been edited out to allow people to imagine that these flowers are for you.
800 x 600   1024x768  1280 x 1024
Paris Beast Boy Wallpaper
Another popular image from the cartoon.
800 x 600   1024x768  
Reflections Wallpaper
This was a lucky screencapture - it created an awesome image.
800 x 600   1024 x 768
Rose Wallpaper
This is another favorite picture of mine from the Beast Boy mini-series with art by Justiniano.
800 x 600   1024 x 768    1280 x 1024
Sexy and Green Wallpaper
This picture from the current mainstream series goes perfectly with the Sexy and Green screensaver.
800 x 600    1024 x 768    1280 x 1024
Metamorphosis Wallpaper
From the cover of the Teen Titans: Family Lost graphic novel - it stood out as a great pic for a wallpaper.
800 x 600   1280 x 1024
Chibi Beast Boy Wallpaper 1
Submitted by Paul Isla featuring one of the Beast Boy chibi toys.
1024 x 768
Chibi Beast Boy Wallpaper 2
Another by Paul Isla with another chibi Beast Boy.
1024 x 768
Beast Boy Wallpaper
Andy Wu submitted this to me.  Great combination of animal pics.
1024 x 768


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