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Elseworlds and Amalgams

Elseworlds are sort of "alternate universes" or "alternate futures."   Gar's shown up in a few of the Elseworlds, including Kingdom Come, Justice League International, and New Titans. Amalgams were a short-lived venture where DC and Marvel worked together for 2 special events.  We were lucky enough to have the adorable Changeling/Beast Amalgam "Beastling" from the "X-Patrol" comics. You never quite know when and where a character will show up.

Kingdom Come

Kingdom Come presented an alternate future glimpse. From what I've been able to tell, Gar didn't play a big part in the actual comic. He is being portrayed as having mutated physically. Meaning that this gargoyle-like form is now his permanent state. He now can only turn into mythical creatures.

Huge thanks to Kieran Miller for scanning and emailing these pics.

Gar as Menagerie
Kingdom Come 3, back cover

Pencil Sketch of Gar as Menagerie
Kingdom Come, front endpapers

Justice League of America: The Nail

"The Nail" is an incredible story, pure and simple. Basic premise is that there is no Superman, and that the world is growing suspicious of those labeled "heroes."

The story is set in the Silver Age comic era. Gar appears with the Doom Patrol plus another few shots. Only inconsistancy is that Gar would have been wearing the purple full face mask at this point in his history.

Alan Davis wrote and pencilled the story. I'd like to see more of his work.

Beast Boy in JLA: The Nail
JLA: The Nail Graphic Novel p. 31

Beast Boy again
JLA: The Nail Graphic Novel p. 99

Gar in the Kents' car
JLA: The Nail Graphic Novel p. 141

New Titans Elseworlds Annual

Scott Lee does a good job of pencilling the New Titans Elseworld, but either the inkers, colorist, or printer fail somewhere, because the coloring is very inconsistant. At times the characters wind up with the same skin color as Starfire... even Gar >_<.

The story is an average "evil Raven" plot with of course, Nightwing as the one who prevails. Nothing about it stood out to me.

Gar in New Titans Elseworlds
New Titans Annual 10, p. 1

Another Elseworlds picture
New Titans Annual 10, p. 24

Justice League International Elseworlds Annual

Don't let the cover art fool you. I seriously doubt that it's by Kiki Chansamone, who drew the art below. Not only is the story a poorly written cousin of "the Nail" (no Superman, people after metahumans, etc), but the art is incredibly inconsistant. The penciller doesn't get Gar's costume straight until near the end. It alternates between looking like a bad X-men outfit to something somewhere near what Gar wore in his old Doom Patrol days.

Save your money on this comic. The story and art aren't worth it.

JLI Elseworlds Cover Shot
Justice League International Annual #5 Cover

JLI Elseworlds
Justice League International Annual #5 p.20
JLI Elseworlds
Justice League International Annual #5 p. 21

Justice League International Elseworlds
JLI Annual p. 48

Justice League of America: Act of God

Act of God is a very well written "superheroes lose powers" story. Well drawn in general by Dave Ross.

Gar appears in exactly 2 pictures, shown here.

JLA: Act of God
Volume 1, p. 19

JLA: Act of God
Volume 1, p. 22

Amalgam: X-Patrol

X-Patrol combines elements from X-men, Doom Patrol, Titans, and a smidgen of Legion of Superheroes. IMHO, the two X-Patrol comics are the best comics out of the whole Amalgam series.

The creators crossed Gar with Hank McCoy, the Beast. The result was Hank Logan, known to all as Beastling. For the most part, he appears as a green version of Beast. The origin, however, is quite definitely Gar's (though "Hank" appears older when the treatment is given, thereby "mutating a mutant, giving [him] the power to transform into the same unreal creatures that haunted [his] fever dreams"). Personality appears to be that of a blending of Gar and Hank.

Pencils in the first X-Patrol were by Roger Cruz.  The Exciting X-Patrol was pencilled by Bryan Hitch.

X-Patrol is one Amalgam that I wouldn't mind seeing more of.

Beastling's Origin - click for full page
X-Patrol 1, p. 7

Beastling from X-Patrol
X-Patrol 1, p. 2

Beastling from X-Patrol
X-Patrol 1, p. 13

Beastling from X-Patrol
The Exciting X-Patrol 1, p. 4

Beastling from X-Patrol
The Exciting X-Patrol 1, p. 6


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