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The Technis Imperitive: the JLA/Titans mini series

By the time the Technis Imperitive crossover appeared, artists apparently began to regain a handle on how to represent Gar, laying the groundwork for the new millenium.

Gar also began to take a new direction character-wise as he struggled to be heard and fought to save Cyborg.

The JLA/Titans series, compiled into the Technis Imperative graphic novel, was co-plotted by Devin Grayson and Phil Jimenez, with artwork primarily by Phil Jimenez (towards the end of the arc and the start of The Titans, the artwork is by Paul Pellatier)

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JLA/Titans #1, p. 4

JLA/Titans #1, p.  21

Notice that Gar's virtual fantasy combines the days with his Doom Patrol family ... and everyone is on a movie set.

JLA/Titans #1, p. 33

One of the things in this mini series - none of the "older people,"  even the older Titans, seem to want to listen to Gar - even though he's the one that knows what's going on.

JLA/Titans #1, p. 38

See what I mean?

JLA/Titans #2, p. 4

One of the great things about this series is the way Gar will do anything to save his best friend - whether it be taking on the JLA, or sneaking along when the "Fab Five" tries to leave him behind.

Click the image to check out "what army" Gar has on his side...

JLA/Titans #2  p. 17 and 18

With all the Titans taking on their mentors, there's really no one for Gar (Gar's mentors were the Doom Patrol).  So instead, Gar faces off with Plastic Man.

JLA/Titans #2, p. 34

The best way to deal with Plastic Man is to leave him to Impulse ;)

JLA/Titans #2, p. 35

Of course, Gar isn't going to let the "Fab Five" leave him behind while they have all the fun. 

JLA/Titans #3, p. 7

It's a good thing Gar did come along - despite everything the "Fab Five" said, it was Gar who actually got through to Vic.

JLA/Titans #3, p. 17

Gar knows how to push Vic's buttons.  Click for larger image.

JLA/Titans #3, p. 21

Thanks to Gar, Vic is returned to a mostly human state.  Click for larger image.

JLA/Titans #3, p. 31

And the buddies are back together again (while Impulse chases Plastic Man :D )

JLA/Titans #3, p. 31

Gar by Paul Pelletier
JLA/Titans, The Technis Imperative graphic novel, p. 127

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