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Guest Appearances

From time to time, Gar shows up in series other than Titans and Doom Patrol. I've managed to find a few of his appearances.

If you see any appearances by Gar that I don't have on the site, please email me!

Gar gets quite a bit of exposure in the Legends mini-series. This is after Wally becomes Flash, when he was still "hanging" with the Titans. He and Gar seem to be the official "Titans representatives" in the mini-series and both get equal time (as opposed to most comics today - where if Gar shows up, he's just stuck in a picture for a common face in the group). Gar even appears on two of the covers of the mini-series.

Plotter: John Ostrander
Scripter: Len Wein
Penciller: John Byrne

Legends #1 p. 9

Legends Mini Series
Legends #1, cover

Gar plays psychiatrist for Flash
Legends #1 p. 10

Wow! A 2nd cover in the same mini series!
Legends #3 cover

What to do when offered a position with the JLA?
Legends #6 p. 28

Changeling takes on Captain Boomerang
Legends #4, p.21

Superheroes assembled
Legends #5, p. 20

Justice Leagues

The Justice Leagues miniseries was a bit of a disappointment. A few side teams got token mentions, including the "Justice League of Adventure" created by Flash. Interesting that Gar is the only of the old team mates to join up (Nightwing refused).

Sadly, the team got about 1 page of exposure.

Writer: Paul Grist
Penciller: Coy Turnbull

The "Justice League of Adventure"
Justice Leagues #4, p. 21

The JL of Adventure gets about 1 page
Justice Leagues #4, p. 21

Captain Carrot and His Amazing Zoo Crew
Gar, of course, was the natural choice for a guest star in the last issue of Captain Carrot and His Amazing Zoo Crew (ok, so I have 3 copies of that issue ^^; )

However, one thing I noticed is that one comment on the cover of that issue seems to sum up how Gar is often treated in comics. Click on the thumbnail for a larger version of the cover to see what I mean.

Plotter: E. Nelson Bridwell
Writer: Joey Cavalieri
Penciller: Rick Hoberg

Captain Carrot and His Amazing Zoo Crew #20
Click for a larger image

Gar changes from mouse to human
Captain Carrot and His Amazing Zoo Crew #20 p.4

Gar goes undercover on Earth C
Captain Carrot and His Amazing Zoo Crew #20 p.17

Changeling and the Zoo Crew - from left to right: Alley Kat Abra, Captain Carrot, Pig Iron, Rubber Duck, Beast Boy (then Changeling) and Yankee Poodle.
  Captain Carrot p. 20  
Captain Carrot and His Amazing Zoo Crew #20 p.20

X-men/New Teen Titans Crossover
In 1982, fans were supposed to be treated to a series of "Marvel and DC Present" comics - we were lucky to get the X-men/New Teen Titans teamup before the two companies had a falling out (luckily over 10 years later we get the X-patrol Amalgams).

The X-men and the New Teen Titans were considered a natural team-up at the time. In 1982, they were not only two teams that could be thought of having similar dynamics and make-ups, but were also two of the most popular teams out in comics.

DC and Marvel characters were assumed to inhabit a shared universe, just never meeting (later changed by the DC versus Marvel mini-series where it was established that there were parallel universes, which goes against the whole Crisis, which goes into screwed up continuity, but I digress). Nowadays to be able to accomplish a crossover, somehow one side needs to get through to the other's dimension.

Naturally there had to be a meeting of Logan (Gar) and Logan (Wolverine) with the inevitable relationship comment. Another interesting point is the way that Chris Claremont paired up the two youngest team members, Gar and Kitty Pride (known as Sprite at the time).

Claremont did a good job of balancing the teams - the comic doesn't let or two characters take over like they do today.

The comic is set after the death of Jean Grey in Marvel continuity, with the villains being Dark Phoenix, Darkseid, and the Terminator.

Scripter: Chris Claremont
Penciller: Wlater Simonson
Finisher: Terry Austin

X-men/New Teen Titans crossover p. 9
I wonder if Gar still wears PJs like that?

X-men/New Teen Titans
crossover p. 18
Changeling is getting
a bit emotional....

The youngest heroes get acquainted
X-men/New Teen Titans crossover p.42

More Gar and Kitty
X-men/New Teen Titans crossover
 p. 42

Gar as Lockheed the Dragon, with everyone else
X-men/New Teen Titans crossover p. 44

The inevitable "Logan meets Logan" moment
X-men/New Teen Titans crossover p. 46

Batman and the Outsiders
The New Teen Titans and Batman and the Outsiders crossed over, appearing in Batman and the Outsiders #5

Writer: Mike Barr
Artist:  Jim Aparo
Colorist:  Adrienne Roy

Batman and the Outsiders 5, p. 4

Gar goofs off
Batman and the Outsiders #5 p. 46

Secret Files and Origins
In the final issue of Secret Files and Origins, Grant Morrison wrote a story showing the meeting of the Flashes (Barry Allen and Jay Garrick) from the point of view of a blonde haired young boy visiting the States while his parents worked in Africa.  This young boy is supposed to be Garfield Logan, age 8.

Which actually makes no sense since by age 4, Gar was green and by age 6, his parents were dead.

Research people, research!

Writer: Grant Morrison
Artist:  Mike Parobeck
Colorist:  Tom Ziuko
Inker:  Romeo Tanghal

Secret Files and Origins 50, page 11

Secret Files and Origins 50, page 24

Teen Titans/Outsiders Secret Files and Origins 2003

Several artists and writers created pieces for the combined Teen Titans/Outsiders Secret Files and Origins issue.

Gar on the cover of Teen Titans/Outsiders
Secret Files and Origins - image by McKone

Picture by Carlo Barberi
Teen Titans/Outsiders Secret Files and Origins 2003
page 10

Picture by and story by Phil Jimenez
Teen Titans/Outsiders Secret Files and Origins 2003
page 44

Picture by Carlo Barberi
Teen Titans/Outsiders Secret Files and Origins 2003
page 61

Wonder Woman #287

Since at the time this was written Wonder Girl was still Wonder Woman's adopted sister, a New Teen Titans/Wonder Woman crossover was inevitible.  Thanks to Rodney Sweigert for sending me these scans.

Writer: Marv Wolfman
Artist:  Don Heck

Wonder Woman 287 cover
Click for larger image

Wonder Woman 287 p. 9

Wonder Woman 287 p. 8

Miscellaneous Images

Thanks to Phil Melton (aka PM at the DCMB) for sending me these scans!

Action Comics 546, p. 7

Action Comics 546, p. 10

Supergirl 20, cover

Supergirl 20, p. 23

Blue Beetle 12
Blue Beetle 12

I scanned this one,
but this was the only
space to fit it.

It's only the only
appearance Gar made
in Graduation Day.
Graduation Day 3, p. 17
Graduation Day 3, p. 17

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