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Submission Guidelines

People have been asking me about submitting various pieces of work.  To simplfy submissions, I've created some guidelines.  Please look them over before submitting your creative pieces.

General Guidelines:
1. Shipping is not acceptable. This is a Beast Boy/Changeling site, not a shipping site. For those who don’t know the term “shipping,” it refers to linking two characters romantically. I will not post anything that is Beast Boy/Raven, Beast Boy/Terra, Beast Boy/Starfire, Beast Boy/Cyborg, or any other attempt at any other romantic pairing.  If I allow one couple, I have to allow them all.
2. Make sure everything is in its “final” version – final artwork, final story.
3. Remember that I have a life outside of the internet. I teach full time. Now I teach middle school. Please don’t ask me “When are you going to put my stuff up?”
4. Submissions should be rated G to PG13. Kids of all ages visit this site. Everything needs to be “child friendly.”

General Fan Art:
1. NO shipping. While Beast Boy in a romantic pose is okay, Beast Boy in a romantic pose with another character is not.
2. Beast Boy solo pictures are preferred.
3. If you would like to submit a group pic, he should be front and center, not stuck in the back.
4. Please submit a clean, final copy.
5. Both color and black & white images are acceptable.
6. Try to keep images rated G to PG13 – while I don’t mind more “adult” artwork, children do visit this site. Adult pieces will be stashed away on my hard drive for safe keeping (and yes, I DO have adult artwork of Gar). angel
7. If your image is large, sending a thumbnail with the image is helpful and saves me the time of needing to make one.

1. Again, NO SHIPPING.
2. Avatars of any standard size are acceptable. Generally avatars are square (in other words, 50 x 50, 80 x 80, 100 x 100, etc).
3. Animated avatars are welcome.
4. Standard avatar formats are .gif and .jpg. Not all sites accept .png, and most do not accept .bmp. If it’s not .jpg, .gif, or .png, I will need to convert the format.

1. Say it with me people. . . NO SHIPPING.
2. Please submit wallpapers in standard screen resolutions (800 x 600, 1024 x 768, 1280 x 1024). These are the sizes most people use.
3. Thumbnails are helpful and save me time. Thumbnails should be 200 pixels wide.
4. Make sure to check your wallpapers for visibility – images and colors shouldn’t interfere with icons and text.
5. This is just a suggestion – when I make my wallpapers, I generally try to place the main image in the center or to the right on the screen. Icons automatically line up on the left. We all want to see Beast Boy’s face. We don’t want to see icons all over his face.

1. Yes, this is getting redundant. . . NO SHIPPING.
2. Aim for Beast Boy only or Beast Boy central images in the screensaver.
3. Please submit any screensaver files zipped by WinZip.
4. Let me know if your screensaver is PC or Mac. I can not test Mac screensavers though.

Fan Fiction:
1. Notice how this is number one every time? Yes, NO SHIPPING. It doesn’t matter if the character is a DC Comics character or a fan created character. No romance for Beast Boy/Changeling will be accepted in fan fiction submissions. Friendship is one thing. Romance is another. Friendship is acceptable. Romance isn’t.
2. Remember that I am a teacher – spelling and grammar count! If I can’t read it, I can’t post it. Find a good beta reader (someone to read, edit, and comment on your story). Please don’t ask me to beta read/edit your story – I already have to grade the assignments of 170 sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students. That is why updating the site takes me so long.
3. Beast Boy must be one of the main focus characters in the story. He doesn’t have to be the only one, but he should be one of the main ones.
4. Keep all characters “in character.” Each character has a unique personality. Let it show. The characters should not take on the personalities of your buddies or generic people. When you read over your story, it should feel as if it’s another episode of the cartoon or issue of the comic. Again, get a beta reader. Beta readers are your friends.
5. Stories from any era of Beast Boy’s life are acceptable. This includes:
- his early childhood
- his life after his parents died
- his time with the jewel thieves
- his life with his embezzling guardian Galtry
- the Doom Patrol years (any era)
- Teen Titans West
- New Teen Titans
- Any subsequent Titans events
- Teaming up with Captain Carrot and His Amazing Zoo Crew
- Titans L.A.
- Arcudi’s Doom Patrol
- Current Teen Titans comic events
- Toon Teen Titans
6. Alternate universe/alternate future stories are acceptable, but must follow above rules.
7. Like artwork, fan fiction should be max PG13.
8. Make sure your facts are correct. If the story takes place from the Drake Doom Patrol era to just before the 1980’s New Teen Titans, he will be Beast Boy. If it’s from the start of the New Teen Titans to the start of The Titans comic book, he will be Changeling. From the Beast Boy mini-series to present, he’s Beast Boy again. His real name is Garfield Logan, nickname Gar. Do not change his name. It doesn’t matter if you don’t like it – he was named Garfield Logan by his creator back in 1965. End of story. If you need facts on other characters, go to for all the information you need.
9. Last time I’ll say it – NO SHIPPING. No romance, and NO SLASH.

Where do you send your submissions?  Email them to  Questions can be sent to me at
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