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WARNING! Total fangirlishness ahead!

Don't say I didn't warn you :b

As if this site wasn't evidence enough, I am a rather rabid Gar Logan fan.

The term "Mary Sue" refers to an author created character created that is often "perfect," whether it be the "hero/heroine that conquers all" or the "soulmate of such-and-such character." In most of my fanfiction, I don't indulge in Mary-Sueism. My primary created character is really just a side commentator.

But when it comes to Gar, I have a character who would set the Mary Sue meters flying off the charts. Which is probably why I can't really write any Titans' fiction - I would feel the need to include one of these characters and, well, writing them is a very personal thing for me, mostly because they are completely tied in with Gar. In my eyes, these are Gar's perfect love matches. His soulmates. One of them is the person who understands how his mind works and loves him unconditionally.

For those who have been by this site before, you might be scared to find that I've doubled my Mary-Sueism.  Tegan Watson, my original character, now has one page, and Caitlin MacPherson, a "newer" character based on an "older" character of mine, has a separate page.

Tarot, aka Tegan Watson

Gypsy Cat, aka Caitlin MacPherson

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