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Tegan Watson, aka Tarot

This character is essentially a part of me. Please do not use her without my permission.
Picture by Koska Fernandez

Code Name: Tarot 
Real Name: Tegan Watson
Powers: Magic
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue-green
Height: 5'1"
Weight: 130 lbs
Occupation: College Student/aspiring writer

Origin (new version):  An ancient mystical power, known as the Source, had been passed down along family bloodlines for over a thousand years.  One person in the family has always been the "Source Master" or "Source Mistress" - chosen by either their predecessor or the Source itself.  The master/mistress has supreme control over the magical source.  Josephine, a magical familiar, has been with the family since the first Source Mistress.  Her children were bonded to later children of the bloodline as their familiars.

Over the last couple of centuries, due to disease, accidents, and witch hunts, the members of the bloodline began to dwindle.  At last there was only one surviving family living in the town of Grimoire, which had been founded by the ancestors who first came to the US.  The family consisted of the Source Mistress, her husband, and three children: Jasmine, Vincent, and Evanna.  When the Source Mistress died, she passed control and the familiar Josephine to her daughter Jasmine.  Vincent, thinking that he was the strongest and therefore should have been made Source Master, became bitter and began plotting.  Meanwhile Jasmine had married and was expecting her first child.  Vincent engineered the accident that killed Jasmine's husband.  Finally, as Jasmine was giving birth to her daughter, Vincent struck.  Caught at her weakest, Jasmine was only able to buy Evanna and Josephine enough time to hide away the newborn baby, then to seal her powers away into a mystical artifact until the Source chose a new master or mistress.  Enraged, Vincent killed Jasmine.

Evanna gave the baby to Josephine, who brought her to a family that had recently lost their baby.  The startled couple took the baby girl in and named her Zoe, while Josephine returned to Evanna.  Things quieted down.  Evanna and Vincent were equally matched, so instead of confronting his younger sister, he returned to plotting and increasing his power.  Meanwhile, Evanna watched from a distance as Zoe grew up, ignorant of her magical heritage.

Zoe always felt the need to wander, and left home as soon as she finished college.  She seldom remained in one place for long and eventually joined the USO as an entertainer.  While travelling in another country, she had a brief affair resulting in pregnancy.  Alone and pregnant, she returned to the US and had a daughter, Tegan.  Eventually Zoe did marry a man who accepted Tegan as his own.  Tegan began exhibiting strange abilities.  Her parents passed it off as coincidence, but her step-grandmother -  a woman of gypsy ancestry, recognized Tegan's gifts.

Eventually Vincent managed to track down his niece.  Evanna realized this and began to take precautions, but not enough.  Unaware of Zoe's daughter, Vincent engineered another accident and killed Zoe and her husband.  Once again, Evanna was only able to protect the child.

Evanna knew that Tegan was the last hope for continuing the bloodline of the source.  Instead of keeping her distance, she began attempting to train the girl from a distance by sending her books.  Unwittingly aided by Tegan's grandmother, Evanna taught Tegan basic magic.  She knew this wasn't enough.  When Tegan was 12, Evanna sponsored a "scholarship" to an exclusive private school near Grimoire and brought Tegan near enough that she could begin more intensive training.  All this time, Tegan remained unaware that Evanna was her great-aunt, and knew nothing about the danger of her great-uncle.

Age, however, caught up with Evanna.  She died, hoping that Tegan was strong enough to protect herself from Vincent.  Evanna willed the family house, its contents, and Josephine to Tegan - setting her up, though, to come in contact with the man who had killed her grandparents and parents.  Grimoire is close enough to the college that Tegan moves into the house... and through college classes comes in contact with Gar.


Origin (old version): Tegan's biological mother's family came from a long line of magic users able to tap into a magical continuum. The Coven, as they call themselves, has its main location and largest population in England. Tegan is a direct female line descendant from the woman who first tapped into the continuum (which the Coven calls "the Source"). The Coven believes that direct mother-daughter passing of the bloodline maintains the strongest powers and has attempted to manipulate these lines using the males also born within the Coven (which is over a thousand years old) to boost power levels. Only those born with low or now magical ability were allowed to marry outside the Coven.

Tegan's mother, also named Tegan, refused to accept an arranged marriage within the Coven and had a relationship with an outsider (someone with no blood ties to the Coven). When she discovered she was pregnant, she fled. The Coven sent her brother Sean after her, but instead Sean aided his sister's escape to the US and accompanied her aboard a ship. She became ill on the voyage and never totally recovered. She died giving birth to Tegan shortly after she arrived in the US.

Sean was uncertain of what to do with his newborn niece, as he was sure the Coven wouldn't be too pleased with her presence. He also didn't believe he would be able to raise the child, named Tegan after her mother, on his own. While he was at the hospital, he encountered an old woman grieving because her daughter had just lost her baby. Sean reached an agreement with the woman's family, and gave Tegan over to them to raise with the understanding that Tegan had special abilities and that he would visit her from time to time to help her learn to use them. Sean then returned to England and told them that both mother and daughter died.

Tegan grew up with the Watson family. As she began to develop her magical abilities, her uncle would come to visit from England (on the pretense of it being a business trip). She developed a special affinity and skill for reading the tarot cards early on. By keeping Tegan in the States, Sean managed to hide her presence from the rest of the Coven.

Tegan's existance is fairly quiet until she goes to college, where she meets Gar in a class. Gar's discovery of her magic leads her into involvement with the Titans, though not completely willingly. And this later leads to a clash with members of the Coven.

I've created some designs for Tegan using Heromachine ( and capturing the screens. Since Tegan doesn't think of herself as a superheroine, she tends to dress more in normal clothing. The robe comes from later involvement with Coven (who is none too pleased with learning of her existance - and the high level of her magical skills).



This character is my own creation. Please do not use her without my consent. Thank you.

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