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Luciano Vecchio

What can I say about Luciano, but WOW! He has some incredible pictures up on his new site at - lots of Titans team pics.

Thanks to Kieran for pointing me to Luciano's pics, and mega-thanks to Luciano for suggesting I clip Gar out of his group pics and post them. Click on each picture to get directly to the original group picture.

I really suggest you check out his site. As a side note to a few people (who know who they are), some of the group pics have Kole, Jericho, Bumblebee, Hawk, and Dove.

Another version of Gar

Gar's early days with the purple Beast Boy mask

Gar in Luciano's ideal team

Gar in the newest Teen Titans

Gar from a B&W team pic

Luciano's rendition of Gar in the animated series

Gar in Luciano's version of the 80's team

Gar in another huge ensemble team pic

Luciano's 3rd place winner from the art contest
Click for a larger picture

Gar as part of Arsenal's Titans

Gar from another group pic

Gar - the mullet version

Luciano's First Place winner from the Fall, 2003 contest and a color variation.  Right click on the image to view a larger version.


Yet another Luciano contest winner, this time 3rd place in the Valentines Day 2004 contest!

If you haven't checked Luciano's site recently, you might have missed the Titans Tarot.  Here is Gar as the King of Cups (from the Minor Arcana).
Beast Boy Tarot

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