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Theories on Gemini
According to Gemini’s origin in the Beast Boy mini-series, Gemini is the daughter of Madame Rouge, who married after the death of the Doom Patrol in an attempt to regain a “normal life.”  Gemini was born afterwards.
Using current, DC timelines, this is impossible.
In the mini-series, Gemini was portrayed as a teenager.  Geoff Johns has stated that Gar is about 19.  He was minimum age 13, more likely age 14 during his Doom Patrol era (as he was specifically stated as being in high school by Arnold Drake).  Wolfman and Perez later dated Gar as age 15/16 at the start of the New Teen Titans.  In other words, Gemini could be no older than 6 or 7 years old.
Many people will then refer to her status as a shapeshifter.  However, most shapeshifters, when knocked unconscious, revert to their “base form.”  Gemini, after being knocked out by Gar, turned back to teenaged form.
There are a few possibilities to explain this.
1. Gemini was born earlier, fell into the hands of Mallah and the Brain (some of Madame Rouge’s memories had been manipulated by them early on) and was held in some sort of “stasis.”  Her memories of a “happy childhood until Rouge’s death” were then implanted, along with anger towards Gar.
2. Gemini is the “evil half” of Madame Rouge resurrected.  The Chief set up a hypnosis device in Madame Rouge’s room in her headquarters in an attempt to break whatever hold the Brain had.  Meanwhile, the Brain was utilizing his own mind control.  In Doom Patrol 115, because of all the control attempts, Madame Rouge split into two entities, one evil, one good.  These two fought, ending with the evil falling on its own knife and the good going to aid the Doom Patrol.  However, the remnants of the evil half remained in the Brain’s headquarters.  It is highly possible that the Brain used the remnants to create a new Madame Rouge, in effect a “daughter.”  Then implanted memories gave her the background and the desired effect.   Also, "Gemini" is the name of the astrological sign of the "twins."
Check out these links for scans from Doom Patrol of the Madame Rouge split:

Doom Patrol 115 p. 11
Doom Patrol 115 p. 12
Doom Patrol 115 p. 14
Doom Patrol 116 p. 2  

Our question for the future now has to be one thing.  If Gar is written out of Doom Patrol history (and the Doom Patrol is written out of his), what becomes of Gemini (and Madame Rouge)?  Will Gemini be turned into a loony shapeshifter who feels that Gar did her wrong for other reasons, or will Madame Rouge remain part of Gar's past?

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