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Theory on Gar's Name Change from Changeling Back to Beast Boy
Originally, Gar had been known as "Beast Boy."  This lasted through the Teen Titans West era.  Marv Wolfman and George Perez decided to change Gar's ID to Changeling.  Prior to Gar's name change, there had been a character in Marvel comics named "Changeling" (he had died while impersonating Professor X).

So why the change back to Beast Boy?

There was a period of time when Gar wasn't being used in any comics (sad but true).  In that time, an RPG company created a fantasy game called "Changeling: the Dreaming."

When Marvel decided to resurrect their "Changeling" character, DC had taken over the name and, rather than have any kinds of legal battles, they renamed their character "Morph."  My suspicion is that, when DC decided to bring Gar back to the forefront, his name was taken.  Rather than undertake an extensive legal battle, they probably decided it would be easier to return him to his old name of "Beast Boy."

This was later explained in one of the comics as having been the result of his return to the west coast, where people knew him better as Beast Boy from his earlier days.

In my opinion, DC could have done better - either they could have advanced Gar to his Kingdom Come name of "Menagerie" or come up with something new (in Brazil, Gar's name is "Mutano").

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