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My Thoughts on Gar and Relationships
Look at all of Gar’s closest relationships:
  • Gar’s parents died in a flood.
  • Gar’s stepmother died.
  • The rest of the Doom Patrol was lost (supposedly killed, but Robotman, the Chief, and Negative Man all came back in some form).
  • Jillian was kidnapped by Gar’s ex guardian Galtry.
  • King Tawabe (another adoptive father of Gar’s) was killed by Terra.
  • Terra “used” Gar as part of her schemes.
  • Steve Dayton’s bouts of insanity.
With everything that’s happened to all of those with which Gar has shared a close relationship, it may be more difficult for him to form new ones.  He’s lost all of his family (biological and surrogate).  Both of his romances went sour.
Based on data on past history, Gar might actually be reluctant to become involved beyond friendship.

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