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Toon Toys and Books

With the cartoon came not only a bunch of new toys, but several books aimed at young readers.  There's more to come for this section.

The factory item description for this mini LCD game reads:

Teen Titans - Games - Beast Boy's Keychain LCD Game

Follow Beast Boy as he morphs from anywhere with this great keychain game.

This keychain game is great for gamers on the go.  Attach it to your backpack and play Beast Boy anytime, anywhere.  Repeat the pattern displayed on the screen by pressing the corresponding buttons in the same order as Beast Boy morphs.  Compete three patterns in a row for a reward; miss one pattern and the game is over

The Beast Boy Paperweight

Yes, there is one sitting on my desk.

There is a whole set of these paperweights featuring each member of the team.  Each paperweight has notches so that supposedly they all connect together.

Can't Take a Joke, by Acton Figueroa

Summary:  Why couldn't the shoes go out and play? Because they were all tied up! Even Beast Boy knows that's a bad joke! When it's told by the Punster, though, it's more than just bad - it's powerfully bad. This villian's awful jokes magically come true, and he uses this dreadful ability to rob banks.

It's a good thing the Teen Titans have a secret weapon: Beast Boy, the master of the rotten wisecrack. This showdown will definitely make everyone groan!

Blinded by the Light, by J. Torres

Summary:  Dr. Light is trying to steal all the city's power. Robin and Starfire think they can handle this on their own - until Dr. Light turns out their lights! Then Cyborg and Raven try tackling this volt-stealing villian, but it's lights out again. Now the only Titan standing between this electric evildoer and the power supply is Beast Boy. Can he shock this villian and stop the power drain?

Miscellaneous Toon Action Figures
All of these came out during the existance of the Teen Titans Animated Series.  If only we had a good selection of comic based toys as well...

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