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Custom Figurines

There are some incredibly talented people out there taking existing models and turning them into their own DC Character figures.

Take a few minutes to visit some of these artists' sites.

Changeling a la "The Animated Series" style
By Davy Stone

More figures are at Chip and Davy's Total Custom World.

Classic Gar
by Scott Kolowski

Scott has quite a few more custom figures at Justice Customs.

Another Gar figure
Also by Scott Kolowski

Someone decided to repaint the Changeling HeroClix into Gar's newest costume.
heroclix repaint
I actually bought this off of Ebay....

This is a Beast Boy custom set created by ActorJez....
actorjez set
And yes, I bought this one off of Ebay as well ^^;

This is a closeup of the figure from the set.
actorjez closeup
It's currently sitting in this little alcove in my computer armoire with the HeroClix repaint, original HeroClix, and an extra PVC figure I bought at a convention.

Right click to see a larger version of this picture.

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