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What is That Kid Up to Now?

By Lady Timedramon


Disclaimer: I do not own the characters contained within.

Note: This fic was originally done for LiveJournal's tt500 community


In the rec room of the Doom Patrol Headquarters, Robotman set up the Christmas tree. He thought he heard a noise. Next thing he knew, Beast Boy seemed to be trying to sneak past the doorway. Something appeared hidden in the green youth’s white gloves. “What is that kid up to now?” wondered Robotman as he returned to the tree.

Negative Man walked down the hallway towards the rec room, his arms full of garland. He noticed Beast Boy tiptoeing towards him. When Beast Boy saw him, he tried to hide something behind his back. “Hi Larry! Bye Larry!” Beast Boy quickly scooted down the hallway.

“What is that kid up to now?” thought Negative Man. He shrugged and began to hang the garland.

The smell of sugar cookies filled the air of the headquarters kitchen. Elasti-Girl pulled out a tray from the oven. As she turned to set it on the counter, she noticed Beast Boy looking around, then trying to get past the door without being seen. “What is Garfield up to now?”

Mento stared intently at the console in the HQ’s command center. His helmet detected Beast Boy going past the doorway. “Okay, what are doing?”

Beast Boy froze, his face turning a paler shade of green. Quickly he turned and saluted, one hand behind his back. “Hi Sir! Nothing sir! Sorry for disturbing you sir!” Before Mento could say anything else, Beast Boy dashed up the nearest staircase, leaving Mento wondering, “What is that kid up to now?”


Later that evening, the team gathered in the rec room. Though they were dedicated to taking out menaces that threatened the Earth, they were practically a family. It was Christmas Eve and evil appeared to be taking the night off. Mento relaxed, taking his helmet off. Robotman wore a Santa hat. Negative Man stood a bit off to the side, preferring to enjoy watching the others celebrate. “Where’s Garfield?” asked Elasti-Girl as she came in with a tray. “It’s not like him to miss hot cocoa and cookies.” She set the tray down on the coffee table and passed a mug to Mento.

Suddenly, Robotman and Negative Man began snickering, then chuckling. Mento and Elasti-Girl noticed that the others were looking up. Right above their heads, suspended by a spider web, hung a piece of mistletoe.

“Garfield. . .,” growled Mento. A green spider dropped down from the ceiling, then turned human.

“Yes Sir?” Beast Boy asked hesitantly.

Before Mento could chastise the boy, Elasti-Girl smiled and said, “You know Steve, we ARE under the mistletoe.” Mento blinked. Next thing he knew, she was kissing him.

Negative Man and Robotman grinned at each other, then looked at Beast Boy. Without warning, Robotman covered Beast Boy’s eyes. “Cliff!” protested Beast Boy.

“Sorry Green Bean. You’re too young to see this.”

- End -

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