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Belated Birthday Present

By Lady Timedramon


Disclaimer: I do not own the characters contained within.

Note: This fic was originally done for the tt500 five hundred word challenge at LiveJournal.


“Hey Mento!” called Robotman from the controls of the Doom Patrol’s jet. “Ya got a video email from the green bean.”

Mento looked at Robotman with an uplifted eyebrow. Not that he didn’t know who the “green bean” was – it was why he would be emailing them.

“I wonder why Garfield is emailing,” said Elasti-Girl.

“Go ahead Cliff,” said Mento.

Beast Boy’s grinning emerald face flashed onto the video screen. “Raven, you sure this is on?” he asked.

“I do know how to run a video camera,” came Raven’s response from off screen.

“Right. Hi guys! Mento, sorry I missed your birthday. The Titans have been kind of busy.”

In the background, the Doom Patrol saw a flurry of activity. Mento’s eyes narrowed. Various costumed teenagers appeared to be urging the Brain’s troops towards a high security transport.

“I was meaning to send you a birthday card. . .,” continued Beast Boy. Behind him, a blur stopped short. Two small costumed boys looked at the camera, waved, then zoomed off. Another speedster stopped just behind Beast Boy. He grinned, winked, then made a pair of rabbit ears over Beast Boy’s head. Robotman chuckled. Raven’s snickering could be heard from behind the camera. Beast Boy turned, but Kid Flash sped away. “Do you mind? I’m trying to make a video here!”

“Just get on with it,” came Raven’s voice.

Off camera, they heard a crash, then Starfire’s voice calling, “Robin, the Wildebeest has dropped Doctor Light on his head.”

“Hurry up and bring Dr. Light before he thaws out!” returned Robin’s voice.

“This is getting more interesting,” said Negative Man dryly.

Beast Boy turned back to the camera. “Anyhow, since I couldn’t send you a card, I got you a great present!”

“Wonder what that could be,” muttered Negative Man.

“Quiet Larry,” said Elasti-Girl.

“Yo! Beast Boy! You ready?” called Cyborg’s voice from the side. “We gotta get these guys in the freezer before they defrost!”

“Coming!” Beast Boy walked to the right. Raven followed with the camera. A grinning Cyborg stood on one side of an enormous, cloth covered object – on the other side was another costumed teen with curly blonde hair and luminous green eyes. Behind them, more teens were moving along what appeared to be ice statues of various super villains.

“Looks like a super teen prom over there,” snickered Robotman.

“And now, for your birthday pleasure,” Beast Boy gestured to a hooded teen with a horn. “Herald, if you please?”

With a nod, Herald raised a horn to his mouth and played a fanfare. Beast Boy, Cyborg, and Jericho pulled the cloth. Watching, Mento’s jaw fell open. The Brotherhood of Evil. . .

“Gotta be some ice statues,” qualified Negative Man.

“And, just in case you think these are statues,” said Beast Boy, “you can visit your birthday presents at a maximum security prison!”

“Are we done yet?” complained Raven from behind the camera.

“Happy Birthday Mento!” shouted Beast Boy. The image showed the frozen Brotherhood of Evil, then faded out.

Smiling, Mento said in a low voice, “You did good Garfield.”


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