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Teen Titans: The Animated Series Episodes 1x01 - 1x06

Yes, the animated series of Teen Titans has finally arrived.  As of yet, I'm still not that fond of the art, but it does tend to grow on you a bit after a while.  But I'll still take McKone's Gar over Murakami's Beast Boy any day.

I finally managed to get my own screen captures of the show, get them resized, and get them uploaded.

If you use any of the screen captures, please credit It's Not Easy Being Green. Thanks.


screencap 2
screencap 3

screencap 4

screencap 5
the face
1x03x2 1x03x3
1x03x4 1x03x5 1x03x6
1x03x7 1x03x8 1x03x9
1x04x1 1x04x2 1x04x3
1x04x4 1x04x5 1x04x6
1x04x7 1x04x8 1x04x9
1x4x10 1x04x11
1x04x13 1x04x14 1x04x15
1x04x16 1x04x17 1x04x18
1x04x19 1x04x20 1x04x21
1x04x22 1x05x1 1x03x2
1x05x3 1x05x4 1x05x5
1x05x6 1x06x1 1x06x2
1x06x3 1x06x4 1x06x5
1x06x6 1x06x7 1x06x8
1x06x9 1x06x10 1x06x11
1x06x12 1x06x13

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