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Doom Patrol v. 1 - issues 111 - 120

Steve Dayton really didn't know what he was in for when he and Rita adopted Gar.  Rita refused to give up adventuring and often went off with the Doom Patrol, leaving Dayton alone with the teenager.  Even when the two aided the Doom Patrol, they were often paired up.  Neither was present when the Patrol sacrificed their lives in Doom Patrol #121.

Another prophetic statement.... an attempt to use one of Mento's helmets years later twisted Gar's shapeshifting powers.
Doom Patrol 111 p. 5

A good example of an early coloring issue - about 75% of the time, Gar was colored as a normal colored animal with a green face.  Wolfman and Perez later set the standard on Gar's animal coloring as all green.  Also a good example of Steve having regrets on adopting Gar.
Doom Patrol 111 p. 6

Splitting time between the Doom Patrol and family did tend to split Elasti-Girl's attention -  as well as frustrate her family.  However, Dayton was willing to shell out big bucks to try and give Gar normal coloring.
Doom Patrol 113 p. 5

Rita, however, would have none of that.  Based on later revelations about the Chief, it's a good thing it never happened....
Doom Patrol 113 p. 6

I love this picture... I wish it wasn't so pixellated, but that's the 1960's printing processes....
Doom Patrol 116 p. 10
Whether at home or on a mission, Beast Boy and Mento seemed to get paired up quite frequently after Gar's adoption.
Doom Patrol 116 p. 13
Just a fun little team scene while the Chief dines with the "freed" Madame Rouge.
Doom Patrol 116 p. 23 - click for larger image
As the title of my site says, it's not easy being green.  The father of Gar's first on and off girlfriend Jillian was quite against the two seeing each other.  Later on he eventually sends Jillian to a European finishing school to get her away from Gar.
Doom Patrol 119 p. 15 - click image for full sized page

Despite all of this, Rita was reluctant to allow Dayton to try to change Gar's coloring.
Doom Patrol 119 p. 16 - click for larger image

Doom Patrol 120 p. 11

Eventually Jillian (called just "Jill" in those days) apparently convinced her dad to let her go out with Gar.
Doom Patrol 120 p. 5

Apparently, by this time Drake had given up on Gar hiding his shapeshifting.  He was safely out of Galtry's hands and legally the adopted child of Steve and Rita Dayton.  His new guardians didn't seem to mind him using his powers, so why should he hide it? But why does Dayton keep his Mento helmet in the car?
Doom Patrol 120 p. 21 - click image for full sized page

Hmmm... the family that fights together.... never mind ^^;
dp120 p22
Doom Patrol 120 p. 22 - click image for full sized page

This is the last issue of Doom Patrol that Gar appears in.  He wasn't present when the Doom Patrol made their final (for most of them) sacrifice.  After the death of the Doom Patrol, Steve Dayton swore he would find the killers and set off (with Mento costume mark 3) to hunt them down, leaving Gar for the most part in charge of Dayton Industries and in the hands of Vernon Questor, Dayton's business manager.

Gar didn't appear in any further comic books until Teen Titans #50-52, as part of the new team, Teen Titans West.  After those 3 issues, he wasn't seen again until New Teen Titans... where the the hunt for the killers of the Doom Patrol reached it's close.

His involvement with the Doom Patrol never totally ended, as Gar appeared in several issues of the Doom Patrol series by John Arcudi and Tan Eng Huat.
dp120 p 23
Doom Patrol 120 p. 23 - Gar's final Doom Patrol appearance

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