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Doom Patrol v. 1 - issues 106 - 110

The teen shapeshifter was a definte source of discord for the newly married Elasti-Girl and Mento (Rita Farr and Steve Dayton)
Doom Patrol 106 p. 3

The other main source of discord between the two was Rita refusing to quit the Doom Patrol...
Doom Patrol 106 p. 2

Once Mr. 103 spilled the beans, revealing that Galtry has been using Gar's inheritance to other means, Dayton's tone changed (ok, so did his costume at some point....)
Doom Patrol 106 p. 16

The "war over Beast Boy" officially began in issue 107.
dp107 cover
Doom Patrol 107 cover - click for full size image
A clip from the cover of Doom Patrol 108
dp108 cover
Doom Patrol 108 cover clip
During the Doom Patrol era, Beast Boy was said to be in high school.  Most of the other kids teased him, but he did have a quasi-girlfriend in Jillian Jackson (seen in the background - this is before she dyes her hair pink).
Doom Patrol 108 p. 19
The attempt to get Beast Boy from his guardian almost exacted a heavy toll on the Doom Patrol.
Doom Patrol 108 p. 24

Of course this was a strain on the young Beast Boy.  But the Doom Patrol wasn't dead yet.
Doom Patrol 109 p. 1

Always the special bond between Gar and Robotman...
Doom Patrol 109 p. 4

For the first time, we discover that the Chief knew Gar's dad... in light of later events in the 3rd Doom Patrol series, is there more to Gar's origin?
Doom Patrol 109 p. 8

The Chief never does tell Gar more about his father.
Doom Patrol 109 p. 8
At this point, Galtry still didn't know that his ward was a shapeshifter... or did he?
dp110 p15
Doom Patrol 110 p. 15

Gar did escape to the Doom Patrol HQ by turning into a microbe to get through the screen.
With the aid of the Brotherhood of Evil (led by Mallah and the Brain), Galtry gained information about Gar and his Doom Patrol activities
dp110 p 18
Doom Patrol 110 p. 18
At Gar's custody trial, Galtry showed up with pictures of Gar shapeshifting in the Doom Patrol HQ.  As previously mentioned, Gar wore the purple mask so that no one would know his real identity, which would have caused trouble with "the authorities" (he was a minor) and his guardian.  Of course, the mask did come in handy during the trial....
dp110 p 23
Doom Patrol 110 p. 23 - click image for full sized view

... as Elasti-Girl proved.  Of course, Steve Dayton didn't quite know what he was in for when he and Rita offered to adopt Gar..
dp110 p 24
Doom Patrol 110 p. 24 - click image for full sized view

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