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Doom Patrol v. 1 - issues 102 - 105

Doom Patrol 102 Cover
Doom Patrol 102 marked the beginning of the long-term love-hate relationship between Gar and his future step-father Steve Dayton. 

The cover of Doom Patrol 102, Gar's first meeting with Dayton, pretty much sums up their relationship for the rest of time:

"Beast Boy, that teen Tornado, that Junior Juggernaut, That-- "--Rotten Kid!" (interjects Dayton)

"Meets Mento, That Mind-Master, That Psychic Dynamo, That--"
"--Pot-headed Nut!" (interjects Gar)

The two definitely did not start off on the right foot.  Of course, Gar was more interested in being called to help the Doom Patrol than the messenger.

In the early Doom Patrol days, Steve Dayton, aka Mento, was never an actual member.  The team voted on whether or not to allow him to join, but Elasti-Girl voted in the negative.  She was more concerned about the long term effect of having Steve around with Cliff and Larry.  That didn't stop Steve from helping out.

After their adventure, the Chief asks Gar if he's still interested in joining.  Despite Gar's negative response, he persists in hanging around the band of misfits.  He even stowed away on their next mission, much to Mento's chagrin.

Doom Patrol 103, p. 6

Doom Patrol 102, p. 17 - click for larger version

Doom Patrol 102, p. 25

Doom Patrol 103, p. 6

Doom Patrol 103, p. 13
Gar and Cliff connected early on.  In fact, looking through various early Doom Patrol books, it's possible that Cliff is the one responsible for Gar's sense of humor.

As the bottom of the scan says, Mento proposes to Elasti-Girl, and they do marry - which will lead to new developments in Gar's complicated life.

There is also some forshadowing in issue 105.  After Gar stows away again, trying to join up with the Doom Patrol on a mission, she makes the following comment:

Doom Patrol 105, p. 6

Of course, next issue they discover that Gar was telling the truth.

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