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Doom Patrol v. 1 - issues 99 - 101

When Garfield "Gar" Logan first entered comics, he literally burst onto the scene, breaking into Doom Patrol Headquarters.

Gar's personality was quite different back then, as was his relationship with Cliff Steele, aka Robotman.

Doom Patrol 99, Story 2, p. 3 - click for larger version

Gar's first official on-screen shapeshifting - Doom Patrol 99, Story 2, p. 3 - click for larger version
At that time, Gar was an angry young man, but as Arnold Drake, Doom Patrol creator said, Gar had a reason to be angry.  He was a teen, he was green, his parents were dead, and he had a louse for a guardian.

Doom Patrol 99, Story 2, p. 6  - click for larger version

Doom Patrol 99, Story 2, p. 9
The Doom Patrol was taken aback by this brash young kid - but from day 1, Rita Farr was on Gar's side.  And, for the official record, Cliff Steele gave Gar the name "Beast Boy."

Despite the rocky start, the Doom Patrol gave Gar his first costume, his first mask, and a family - something he hadn't had for much of his young life.

Gar's first mask and costume - and the "official" explanation of what happens to Gar's clothes when he changes shapes. 
Doom Patrol 100, p. 14

Gar's guardian Galtry was practically a character out of a story by Dickens... except Galtry would go to any lengths to keep control of Gar's inheritance (even plotting to get rid of Gar).  Galtry knew his "ward" was green, but never knew Gar could change into animals. Before he died, Gar's dad had told him not to let anyone know about his shapeshifting power - which is why Gar's mask eventually covered his entire face.

Doom Patrol 101, p. 2 - click for larger version

Doom Patrol 101, p. 3

Early on, the colorists were a bit inconsistant with Gar's animal coloring.  Generally though, he was a normal animal with a green face or head.  George Perez later set the standard of Gar's changes being entirely green.

Doom Patrol 101, p. 3

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