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Gar in the New Millenium - (January 2000 to present)

With the new millenium came new artists and new situations for Gar. They may have started Gar out on his own in the last Technis Imperitive comic, but Geoff Johns really began developing his more mature character in the Beast Boy mini-series.  
More so than the token ending of the Technis Imperitive, where Gar tells the team he wants to try to stand on his own, we see Gar telling Nightwing that it's time he's started to take care of things by himself. W ith the prodding of Flamebird, Gar did try to organize a "Titans LA", but that team apparently fell through.

Briefly he appeared in an issue or two of Young Justice, and may have had other guest  appearances as well.

After the failed attempt at creating Titans LA, along came John Arcudi's Doom Patrol.  Gar didn't become a full time member, but he's appeared in several issues. In a way, you might say he's come full circle. Tan Eng Huat drew the comics, but Seth Fisher has filled in for him once.
There are some scens from Doom Patrol 18 that I have scanned here . Scroll down to the bottom of the page for the images.

Soon we'll be seeing Gar back with the Titans (though it's back to the Teen Titans).

Gar by Justiano (be still my pounding heart!)
Beast Boy 1, p. 5

Beast Boy and Nightwing "discuss" things.
Beast Boy 3, p. 17

Click to see the full pages.
Beast Boy 3, p.18

Beast Boy by Todd Nauck
YJ21 cover
Young Justice 21 cover - thanks to Nekouken for scanning the Young Justice images

Beast Boy by Todd Nauck
YJ21 p. 2
Young Justice 21 p. 2

More Gar by Todd Nauck
YJ20, p20
Young Justice 20 p. 20

Kid Slick in Gar's body by Seth Fisher
Doom Patrol 14, p. 11




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