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Here's a few more links that you might find interesting...

The Beast Boy Shrine Message Board

Someone else beat me to creating it - visit today!

The Beast Boy Shrine Yahoo Group

By the same person as the message board.

THE best Titans related site on the internet.

Doom Patrol Online

A great Doom Patrol resource, with synopsis of many of the early issues.

DC Comics

The people who really own Gar, Doom Patrol, Titans, Teen Titans, etc.

The Garfield Logan forum at the Purple Purposeless board

My own little Gar discussion area ^_^

Micro Heroes

Jerome Galica (aka "ballbreaker") has a great site full of Micro Heroes, including the Titans and Doom Patrol.

Jerome Galica's homepage

Jerome Galica's Titans TAS style

Jerome Galica's main page and a direct link to a whole section of the Titans TAS style.

Titãs! - Universo Paralelo

Alternate Universe Titans site - from Brazil! Be sure to use a translator for Portuguese to English to read the stories.


A rather interesting alternate version of the Titans.

Luciano Vecchio's Fan Art Site

Luciano has not only Titans art, but also JLA, Young Justice, Batman, Superman... and is probably the only site that I've seen with "Amethyst, Princess of the Gemworld" fanart.

Titans Lair

Another great Titans reference site - with fanfiction and fan art.


Design your own superhero - or just redesign someone's costume. This site is highly addictive.


An online animated gif utility.

Animation Factory

A good source of animated .gifs.

Animation Station

Another animated .gif site I've used.

Comic Boards Teen Titans Forums

A great place for Titans related discussion.

Teen Titans Message Board

Yet another Titans message board

Scott Simmons Homepage

Collections of illustrations by Scott Simmons.

Wingnuts Workshop

Wingnuts Workshop - a great site for Titans/YJ related fan art, anime/manga style!  This site is mostly in Japanese, but finding the art is easy (and if you want to translate it, try using


EC Online is another great anime style Titans/YJ site.  This links to the English version.

Create FREE graphics at

This is another site that helps you make animations - it's where I made the front page animated text.


A great source of buttons.


The Raven Shrine Message Boards - discussions on Raven (primarily cartoon) and more.

ravenshrine yahoo

The Raven Shrine Yahoo Group

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