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Comic News

Coming soon!

For those who missed out on any of the first 7 issues of New Teen Titans, DC Comics will be compiling these issues into a graphic novel.

From DC Comics:


Written by Geoff Johns; art by Mike McKone, Marlo Alquiza, Tom Grummett, Nelson DeCastro, and Kevin Conrad; cover by Michael Turne

A new collection featuring the sold-out TEEN TITANS #1-7! Witness the gathering of a new team of Teen Titans and their initial battle against an old, familiar foe: Deathstroke! The reasons behind his actions prove shocking to the team, and before the teen heroes can even get their feet on the ground, they must re-encounter the cult of Brother Blood. Plus, an intro by Johns and profile pages from TEEN TITANS/OUTSIDERS SECRET FILES #1!

DC UNIVERSE  |  192pg.  |  Color |  $9.95
On Sale March 31st, 2004

Direct link here.
Cartoon News

I'm sad to say, it's official.

Terra will be appearing in several episodes of Season 2 of Teen Titans.  The cartoonists will be attempting to provide us with an updated version of "The Judas Contract."

Heaven help us....

For those wanting details on season 2, go to

More Comic News

According to Geoff Johns in a post at his board, the search for Raven story arc will be followed by an arc featuring Gar!

*does a happy dance*

Quote Geoff:  "
Following RAVEN RISING we have a three issue story that throws Beast Boy in the spotlight called WILD KINGDOM.  You heard it here first." 


Now for the BAD News....

For some, this might be good news.  At first, I thought it would be too.

John Byrne is doing the latest version of the Doom Patrol.

So what's so bad about that?

John Byrne, apparently under the authorization of Dan Didio, is REBOOTING the Doom Patrol.  In other words, no past version of the Doom Patrol will have existed.  The new team will be the "original team."

What does that mean?

Gar's origin is being rewritten.  Which we'd already heard rumors it of at Geoff's board.  How extensive a rewrite won't be seen until July.  The Doom Patrol era will no longer be an integral part of Gar's background. Will Mento and Galtry remain a part of Gar's origins?  Or will Mento disappear completely?

Here's the part that is cause for worry.

In a chat transcript at John Byrne's board (you can read the whole chat here) John Byrne said:   
"Gar Logan will be the Donna Troy of this reboot!"

Titans and Beast Boy fans, be warned.

Elsewhere In the News

Teen Titans marquettes for the cartoon will soon be available.  First out is Starfire, then Robin.  No word on the exact release date of  the Beast Boy figure yet.

Toy News International has some information.

Another line of cartoon related toys is shown at this link.  Sadly, they have Gar in animal form... as usual...

Get your Zcards now!  Zcards come in little packets like game cards.  Inside is a plastic card the size of a credit card with a pop-out Teen Titans figure.  There are 5 in the set, and the Beast Boy card will be posted in the toy section.

Toyfare Magazine has released pictures of upcoming Titans Toys as well.  Check out the Bandai web site for more info on upcoming toys.


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