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Doom Patrol Images

I finally remembered to bring some of my comics to school to scan in. I don't have a scanner on my home computer (it's on Mom's 486 X_X ), so I have to do it on my computer in the lab.

These pages include images of where Shyleen (Fever) meets The Purple Purposeless. IMHO, this is one of the funniest events in the whole series.

Click to see the whole page
Doom Patrol 16, page 11.

Issue 16 is a rather interesting issue. We get to see a bit more of the personalities of the team members. Ava goes berserk, Ted realizes where leadership comes from, Shyleen discovers a philosophy that helps her get under control, and Vic is unconscious (which pretty much goes along with his lack of personality any how).

The origin of the Purple Purposeless, pt 2.
Doom Patrol 16, page 13

For those non DP readers, let me explain Shyleen a bit. Fever's power is to generate heat. However, she's been having a lot of trouble controling it. In fact, she blew up a taxi when she got angry (which is why she's at the hospital - apparently Kid Slick got caught up in the blast). The outfit she's wearing helps contain the heat to a limited degree and was given to her by Gar.

SQUEE!!!! Baby Gar!!!! Well, ok, Tan's rendition..
Doom Patrol 18 - page number to come

Gar tiger morphing!
Doom Patrol 18, page number to come

The origin of the Purple Purposeless, pt 1
Doom Patrol 16, page 12

The Purple Purposeless appears only in this issue, but somehow I find him inspirational. In a way, he's sort of an anti-Don Quixote. Don Quixote went tilting at windmills and trying to be heroic. The Purple Purposeless is "sub heroic" (as he describes himself).

He may tell Shyleen he can't help her, but his "non-helping" seems to help more than anything at this point.

The Purple Purposeless tells Fever his credo
Doom Patrol 16, page 14

Look at the picture of the Purple Purposeless in the circle - doesn't he just scream "Don Quixote" to you?

Remember, click on the pictures to see everything in detail.

One great thing about Doom Patrol is the way Arcudi has brought in Gar, something none of the other teams had done. It was a total surprise to find him in this issue, particularly in such a prominant position (though for the story told, he was the natural choice).

More Gar scrumptiousness, though with a sad tone..
Doom Patrol 18, page number to come

Disclaimer: Doom Patrol and the Purple Purposeless are the property of DC Comics.