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Here are some great links. Check them out!

These links are related to fanfiction, shows, books, characters, and more.

The Purple Purposeless EZboard - Doom Patrol Discussion Board - The best Teen Titans/Titans related info site on the net!

The Geoff Johns Board - I lurk at the Teen Titans forum in the message boards. Geoff will be writing the next incarnation of the Teen Titans. - one of the best fanfiction sites around.

My profile - with links to all my stories at FFN. - a site for fanfiction and fanart (though pretty much only anime)

My profile at - same stuff pretty much as, but if one is down, the other works well.

The Mystic Manor Homepage - all things related to Mystic Manor and the Global Ranma Insanity Thread (AKA GRIT).

More links to come when I have the patience to fight with Tripod Sitebuilder.