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Welcome to my fangirlish raving site!
This is a picture of me by Jason Heavensrun - complete with my patented Beanie Baby Rocket Launcher!

Hello, and welcome to my site!

Most people know my by several different names. Around,, rec.arts.anime.misc, and, I'm known as Time Lady.

Elsewhere, such as the DC Comics forums and EZBoards, I'm known as Lady Timedramon (or Lady T or LT for short). This nickname came about from a discussion in the newsgroup as to "if you were a Digimon, what would your name be?" I believe it was Chet Weaver at AFD who coined the name "Lady Timedramon." Since most boards the name "Time Lady" and its variants are taken, I began using Lady Timedramon.

Most people don't believe that a teacher can be a maniacal fangirl. While during the day I appear calm ("GET THOSE FINGERS ON THE HOME ROW RIGHT NOW!!!!"), cool, ("ACK! ALL THE COMPUTERS ARE GOING BERSERK AT ONCE!!!!") and collected ("Umm... now what did I teach 6th grade last week?"), underneath lurks the heart of a fangirl!

Therefore, this site is dedicated to my fangirlish side.

Coming Soon:

As time goes by, I'm going to try and make at least small sections devoted to all the things I've obsessed on over time. Right now I'll have up small areas on Garfield Logan (AKA Changling/Beast Boy) and on Doom Patrol.

Eventually I'll have up sections on various shows and comics which have inspired me over the years.

The Purple Purposeless, from Doom Patrol #16

The Purple Purposeless has to be one of the most quotable characters to ever appear in a comic. He only shows up on about 5 pages of Doom Patrol #16, but I hope he reappears elsewhere.

Disclaimer: Gar Logan, Changeling, Beast Boy, Doom Patrol, and the Purple Purposeless are the property of DC Comics.