Free Guestbook from Bravenet 
Free Guestbook from Bravenet

So you'd like the grand tour?

Well, the first thing you will probably notice is the thunder and lightning.  It's just something that happens when people look at the exterior of the building.  We haven't figured out how to shut it off yet. The exterior of the building is gray brick.  Gargoyles keep watch from the edge of the roof.  Just outside of the main entrance are several rose bushes.  Several trees create a pleasant looking exterior [if you ignore the thunder, lightning, and gargoyles].  Did you want to look around the exterior a bit more?

As you enter Mystic Manor, you should come into the offices, which are the two doors immediately off to your right. During business hours, one of the staff will be on duty to answer questions, handle problems, or discuss life in general.

To the left is the downstairs party room, and attached catering kitchen. Also on the left is a storage closet and guest restrooms.

Just past the offices are the stairs and elevator. These are security access locked. Residents can access the stairs and elevator by entering their access codes. Visitors can call up to the apartments with the provided phone, then the tenant can buzz the visitor in. After the elevator is the mail room, with mail boxes and package lockers for residents. This is followed by another storage closet and additional restrooms.

Straight ahead is one of the unique features of Mystic Manor: an indoor/outdoor swimming pool. The pool is half indoors/half outdoors. A special wall can block off the outdoor portion of the pool to allow swimming during the winter. The glass wall by the pool offers a lovely view of the patio and rear gardens. The stables and corral are out back, just beyond some trees.

Would you like to see the floor plan of the first floor?

Perhaps you would like to see a layout of the grounds?

Apartments are located on the second through seventh floors. There are four basic layouts. Both "A" and "C" apartments have two bedrooms and one and a half bathrooms. "B" apartments have four bedrooms and two and a half baths, and "D" apartments have three bathrooms with one and a half baths. All apartments have updated kitchens, seperate dining rooms, and spaceous living rooms. Each apartment has new carpeting, wall paper, and appliances. The central area of each floor is an open balcony, looking out over the first floor.

Would you like to see the apartment floor plans?

The eighth floor has recreational facilities for the residents. There is another party room and catering kitchen to allow for two seperate parties at the same time. The private library has a nice selection books for the average reader, as well as a large selection of magical reference books. Sorry, but the magic room is off limits except to the staff. The witch that previously owned the building left a lot of things that we'd prefer to limit access to. Also on the floor are a fully equipped exercise room and a game room. The game room has ping pong, pool, pinball, and video games. If you go further inside the game room, you'll see the building radio station. Sorry. It only broadcasts as far as the Mystic Manor grounds. However, it does have a good selection of music, and we try to add the latest CDs. There is also an extra storage room for the residents.

Did you want to check out the plans of the eighth floor?

The building does have a penthouse apartment. The penthouse used to be the residence of the witch. It's currently under reconstruction. We have to restore all the windows, along with other planned renovations.

The dungeon? Well, we've not only finished the underground parking, but we've also added in a complete new workout room.  This one covers nearly the entire level, with locker rooms, storage cabinets, titanium reinforced walls, and workout mats.  The complete workout level is about the size of a school gymnasium.

One of the sub-levels consists entirely of rooms designated as "eco-spheres."  Each eco-sphere is practically a self-contained slice of some sort of eco system, including a tropical lagoon, a desert, German forest, etc.  This area is restricted access, as U-chan is working to help these eco-spheres.

Now if only we could figure out what to do with that Smurf village the Blazing Crescents found in the dungeon....