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Meet the Mystic Manor Staff: 

Tegan Dawson

Your landlady

Tegan Dawson owns Mystic Manor. After defeating Madame WWW (the Wicked Witch of the West), several of her conquerers found the hidden treasure room. Opus found a locked chest, but couldn't get past the trap. Tegan deactivated the trap and opened the chest. Inside, she found a scroll. The scroll turned out to be a magic deed. Since the witch was banished from the dimension, the deed signed itself over to Tegan, the first person to touch it. Henceforth, Tegan became owner of Mystic Manor and the contents of various hidden treasure rooms. 

Since becoming owner of Mystic Manor, Tegan renovated the building, repairing the damage caused by the previous battle, and returning the building to its original state. 

At this time, Tegan shares apartment 2B with Opus. 

Marion "Feathers" Schwartz

The office manager 

Feathers helps run the office. Officially, she is the accountant for Mystic Manor, but she often does more. If she's not in her apartment (6D), she can be found in the Manor offices. When it's time to pay the rent, she's the one who collects. 

Originally, Feathers was one of Madame WWW's mutants. PATE was only able to partially restore Feathers to human form. Feathers looks like an older woman, with white feathers instead of hair, and feathers in spots on her body. If you need someone to talk to or confide in, Feathers is the one to talk to. She can be your mother away from home. 

Ro Dreloc

Current chief maintainence man 

Ro Dreloc is keeping Mystic Manor in working order. Since Leo disappeared, he was promoted to chief maintenance man.  He shares apartment 3D with Su Yee and Sumire.

Su Yee

Mail Room

Su Yee's job (when she's actually around, that is...) is to get the mail sorted and delivered to the residents. She lives in apartment 3D with Ro Dreloc and Sumire.

Ueki Kuonji

Freelance Gardener

Ueki uses her special abilities with nature to help maintain the Mystic Manor landscape, as well as the "eco-spheres" in the dungeon sub-levels.