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The story behind Mystic Manor: 

From time to time, Madame WWW moved the location of Mystic Manor between countries and across dimensions. A short time ago (in GRIT time) she came to Nerima (with the help of Gaeld). She set out her "apartment for lease" sign to lure unsuspection people into her building. Her "tenants" would be turned into mutated creatures. 

Shortly after her arrival in Nerima, Madame WWW trapped Tegan Dawson, Lisa Calloway, and PATE. The witch planned to place the women under her powers. Gaeld intervened, allowing Lisa, Tegan, and PATE to escape. The price for his aid was that they were placed under an order of servitude. 

Though they escaped, the women knew they could not leave the witch free to capture others. They assembled a small group (including Kaasha, Stark, Soun Tendo, Hirohi, and Gosekugi among others). While the group was making their plans, Madame WWW managed to trick Mist into aiding her. 

The group attacked Mystic Manor. They were joined by Ratzik, Arkaleb, and a troup of orcs. Mist discovered the witch's deception and joined the party as well. They fought mutant hybrids, magical creatures, and demons. In the battle, Tegan freed the Wizard of Oz and Tatewaki Kunou, who had also been trapped by the witch. With the help of the Wizard and Lisa's spell jewels, the witch (who turned out to be the reconstituted Wicked Witch of the West) was banished to another dimension. 

The next morning, PATE and the Wizard worked to return the mutants to normal and to send the magical creatures back where they came from. All of the mutants were returned to human (or whatever their original form was) except Leo and Feathers. Because of some variations in the witch's spells, they remained partially mutated, though somewhat more human. Opus the penguin was among those freed. 

Several of the group left the next morning. Those who remained behind began a search of the building. Inside the treasure room, they found a chest. Opus tried to open the chest, but couldn't get past the magical trap. Tegan was able to deactivate the trap. She opened the chest and removed a scroll. The scroll was a magical deed, which transfered itself to Tegan,
giving her ownership of the building. 

 Tegan, PATE, and Lisa moved into Mystic Manor, along with Leo, Feathers, Opus, and the Wizard. They began to clean up the destruction and restored the building to that of a fairly typical luxury apartment building. Lisa was later adopted by the Saotome family and moved out, but a place for her remains at Mystic Manor. 

Mystic Manor is officially open for business. At least half of the apartments are occupied by new tenants. 

The Wizard decided to visit his hometown of Omaha, Nebraska before the winter hit. After his trip to Omaha, the Wizard planned to move to a place where the climate is warm year round. Before leaving, he gave Opus the infamous ruby slippers, which has been in the posession of Madame WWW. Opus used the slippers to return to Bloom County. Recently though, Opus has returned (with a bad case of amnesia - he thinks he's a man who fell into spring of drowned penguin).

There have been several building renovations.  The entire dungeon was cleaned out.  One level was cleared to make a gymnasium. Another level was turned into an indoor, underground parking garage.  With the help of Penny, the penthouse has also been renovated (though it is currently unoccupied).