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Trading Cards

They're incredibly hard to find, but Gar has appeared in some sets of DC Comics trading cards. Not all the cards are that desireable. The first two sets are OK, fairly standard comic cards. The third starts showing the darker side of Gar. But the 4th and 5th sets... IMHO, those cards should never have been done.

See for yourself...

Cosmic Heroes Front
Click to see the reverse

DC Cosmic Teams
Click to see the reverse

From 1991 and 1993 Cosmic series (Cosmic Heroes and Cosmic Teams), Gar was pretty standard in his appearance.

Artwork for both cards: pencils by Tom Grummett/inks by Al Vey.

Not great, but it can be worse, as you'll see.

DC Master Series
Click to see the reverse

The 1994 Dc Master Series started to show the darker side of Gar. Ray Lago paints a picture of Gar after his attempt to use a defective Mento helmet.

At least Lago's picture still shows Gar as somewhat human.

DC Villains: Dark Judgement
Click to see the reverse

1995 was not a red letter year for cards of Changeling, as you can see by these two cards. He appears in both a "villain" deck and the "terror instinct" segment of another.

If you look closely, you can see where Bill Sienkiewicz made a small attempt to have Gar... somewhat human.

DC Legends '95: Power Chrome
Click to see the reverse

Which is more than what J.B. Jones and K. Champagne did.

I'm sorry, but was this card even necessary?

From what I could tell, even at his worst, Gar still managed to take human form.

This is just plain disgusting.

All characters and related elements are property of DC Comics, Skybox, and Impel. I just own copies of the cards.


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