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Factory Made Figures

There's a rather poor selection of ready made toys of Gar out there.

As far as I can tell, there are 2, with a 3rd due out soon.

Maybe with the Teen Titans animated series, there'll be more.

Changeling from the DC PVC set
from the website

The first figure of Changeling was released in a "PVC" set of the New Teen Titans.

No, I don't intend on taking the figures out of the box.

Yes, my mother thinks I'm crazy and wonders what in the world I'm going to do with the set.

Changeling figure for the HeroClix game

Next came the "HeroClix" Changeling.

I still haven't figured out how "HeroClix" is supposed to be played. I just bought it because it's Gar.

Sadly, it's one of the UGLIEST things I've seen. He's sort of half-morphing into an ape. They should have left his face unmorphed.

Changeling from the DC Heroes Metal Figure Set

  This DC metal figure set, produced in 1985 by Grenadier Models is very hard to find.  The set features several of the New Teen Titans and their adversaries.

I've also scanned in the box cover and the box insert for everyone to check out.

Changeling from the DC Classic Teen Titans Box Set
Click on the picture for the DC Direct page

The Classic Teen Titans Box Set came out in August, 2003.  This is how they promoted Gar in the set.

The final version came out much better.

Gar the Monkey
Also in the box set

I just have to say this...

Of all the animals they could pick, why a monkey?

Did they have some monkey figures left over that they repainted?

Was there a monkey mold cheap?

We'll never know.

The final version from the box
DC Gar
The final version came out much better than the promo picture.  No one listened to me when I said the picture wasn't  what the final version would be.

The monkey is the same though.


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