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More Doom Patrol 1

Gar's Doom Patrol era is often his most forgotten.  While he achieved his prominence as Changeling in the New Teen Titans, there was a reason that Perez and Wolfman included the story arc on the search for the killers of the Doom Patrol.

The Doom Patrol gave Gar his first costume, his first mask, and his secret identity of Beast Boy.  They also gave him the first chance he had to feel like part of a family since the death of his own parents.  With the Doom Patrol, he even gained a new family of his own, his adoptive parents Rita Farr Dayton (Elasti-Girl) and Steve Dayton.

Gar gets his secret identity and first mask
Doom Patrol 100 p. 14

Gar's guardian Galtry
Doom Patrol 101 p. 2

Shapeshifting definitely came in handy to spy on Galtry.  The Doom Patrol artists did seem to have a bit of a problem making up their mind when it came to coloring his animal forms.  It wasn't until George Perez years later that the standard of the "all green animal" was set for Gar.
dp101p3a  dp101p3b
Doom Patrol 101 p. 3
Despite what he says here to the Chief, Gar still kept trying to join the Doom Patrol.
Doom Patrol 102 p. 25
Otherwise he wouldn't have stowed away on their next mission....
Doom Patrol 103 p. 6

Mento shouldn't be the one to talk - he was never an official member of the Doom Patrol.
Doom Patrol 105 p. 6

Of course, a lot of Gar's bad humor could be blamed on Robotman.....
Doom Patrol 105 p. 13

Arnold Drake's Beast Boy was a very angry kid, but as Drake later stated, Gar had a reason to be angry.  In the 80's team, Wolfman and Perez replaced the anger with humor. Of course, this scene does have a touch of foreshadowing in Elasti-Girl's comment....
Doom Patrol 105 p. 6

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