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The Many Masks of Gar

Gar's father told him to hide his shapeshifting powers.  To all who knew him, including his guardian Galtry, Gar was a normal teen except for his green skin.

Eventually Gar's urge to be a part of the action got the better of him and he attempted to convince the Doom Patrol to let him join.  Robotman dubbed Gar "Beast Boy" while the Chief provided Gar with a way to hide his identity. 

Over the years Gar's masks have taken on different appearances and colors.  Finally Wolfman and Perez must have decided it was ludicrous for Gar to even try to hide his identity - particularly since he was using his shapeshifting abilities on a low budget science fiction show that lasted only a handful of episodes.

Gar's first mask and costume by Bruno Premani
Doom Patrol 100, p. 14

Another view of the first mask, which really didn't do
much for hiding Gar's ID.
Doom Patrol 101, p. 15

Eventually Premani settled on the full head purple mask that Gar
wore as Beast Boy for the rest of the Doom Patrol (though the
eye mask began to change colors later)

This is actually Elasti-Girl in the Beast Boy costume, pretending to be Gar to invalidate pictures Galtry supposedly had of Gar with the Doom Patrol.
Doom Patrol 111

Based on what I've seen, I think this was a miscoloring.  However, as you can see below, several artists have used this as their inspiration in later renditions of the original Beast Boy costume.  This appeared in the header of an intro to Gar's origin.
Doom Patrol 113, story 2, p

Somewhere along the line, someone must have gotten bored.  Gar's eye-mask started changing colors every few issues.
Later DP

In Teen Titans 50-52, the artist seemed to take a few steps back towards Gar's first mask.
Teen Titans 52
Teen Titans 52, p.  17

Apparently, the yellow eye-piece became the favorite.
Tales of the Teen Titans Miniseries 3

Most of the modern artists drawing Gar in his first Beast Boy era seem to go back to that one.
Technis P37
Techinis Imperitive Graphic Novel p. 37

More than one artist decided to use the yellow mask without the purple head mask.  For another  artist's rendition of Gar with the yellow mask, check the Alternate Gar section for "JLA: The Nail"
Legends of the DCU 80 Page Giant 2, p24


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