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This is where we're hiding the thread compilations

Here is what I have so far. More will appear as they're done.

Wondering where to find some of the other GRITters? Here's links to their homepages. 

The Official GRIT Homepage (Steve Scougall)

The GRIT Communications Page (Blade/Chris McNeil)

Between Laughter and Forgetting (Scott Schimmel)

 FYI: Eli Kaplan

DGM's Political Satire Page (Dan Mastriani)

DGM's Personal Homepage (Dan Mastriani)

MARAMALA'S HOMEpage (Mark Ranel M. Lambo)

Broken Angel (Ken Miller)

Mystic Knights H (Jon Rowbottom)

Water Dragon Productions (K. Jefferey Peterson AKA Damian Roc)

Crimson Blade (Tsurugi's page)

Kiwi's homepage

Here are some non-GRIT links close to my heart: - the place where I post my non-GRIT fanfiction.

Here is the direct link to my author's page.  Feel free to read and review my other work.

CowPig's homepage - This page belongs to my best friend who is a darn good artist.