Corindaen and Greymist


Corindaen is a wizard of great power. He is not native to this dimension but rather is a wanderer. (A Planewalker for lack of a better word). His primary business in Nerima is that he is on the hunt for an ancient enemy. A 1000+ years ago Corindaen was the lord of a small mountain city. The cities primary function was to act as a support for the College of Magic that Corindaen was master of. During his time as lord of the city there was for the most part peace and prosperity for the city. Corindaen married and had many children. Then in 100th year of his reign, the city was attacked by a hoard of deamons and evil men. During a titanic battle the lasted for days Corindaen and the mages of the city managed to defeat the invaders, however during the battle there where many deaths including Corindaen's wife. When the battles where ended it was discovered that not only had she been slain but that her soul had been stolen as well. Vowing vengeance Corindaen turned the lordship of the city over to his eldest child and began a hunt for his wife's soul. After many years of searching he was able to discover the identity of the creature that had taken his wife's soul, and went in pursuit. Their battles have lasted ever since the deamon always managing to stay one step ahead of Corindaen. During the centuries of there war they have matched wits and spells against each other in many dimensions. Now they are in Nerima to start their ancient war once more.

Although Corindaen is aware of the various Planewalkers and their wars he for the most part ignores them unless they interfere with his hunt. If they do interfere and will not withdrawal he then will use his powers against them.


Greymist is a magical Elven Cat who Corindaen bonded to him as his familiar when he was still a very young man. Do to the nature of the bond the cat's life span has been increased to match her wizards. Over the years do to a combination of the Familiar bond, Various spells, & Greymists own mental capabilities her Intelligence has increased until it is easily the equal of most humans. Greymist like Corindaen is also a wizard, although no where near as powerful. She mostly uses her magic to augment her natural fighting abilities and to help Corindaen.

The Apartment.

Living Room: As you enter the through the door you see to your left two large bookcases taking up the length the wall. Set before the bookcases is a large desk made of a strange yellow/gold wood and a comfortable looking chair. To the right of the door you can see a television and two overstuffed chairs.

Dining Room: When you enter the dinning room you can see a long rectangular dinning table of the same unknown golden wood as the desk set around it are 6 chair's 2 on each side and 1 at either end. Set against the far wall you can see a wooden sideboard and storage cabinet.

Master Bedroom: This room is tastefully appointed with a large comfortable bed. In one corner is a comfortable looking chair and reading lamp with a small sidetable. There is also a wooden bureau against one wall.

2nd Bedroom: This room is setup as a guest bedroom with furnishing similar to the Master bedroom if not of quite such high quality.

3rd Bedroom: No information available - This rooms door is locked and on it's surface if you look long enough you can see strange symbols drawn in silver/white fire. If the door is touched you can feel a tingling sensation, and a strong desire not to open the door.