Gothsuit and Businesssuit

Gothsuit and Businesssuit are ringwraiths.

Upon entering, you see that all the walls have been painted dark grey; and both floor and ceiling are now completely black. There's no visible source of lighting, but the whole apartment is illuminated with an iridiscent sickly green phosphoresence; there are no furniture at the entrance, and the only decoration is a banner/tapestry hanging from the east wall, with a big red eye over black cloth.

The dining room sports a victorian table, and black drapery on the walls.

The kitchen is equipped with a black furnace and a medieval looking cutting table.

On the corridor that lead to the rooms, there are two coat of arms, they are undistinguishable.

The southern room has been turned into a summoning room; a large pentagram is painted on the floor with black candles on the corners; the red eye simbol is painted on the farthest wall from the entrance, surrounded by evil-looking runes.

The middle room is Goth's room; it's all full of drapery and has a victorian dresser on a wall; there is no bed.

The last room is Business' room; it has a black ornamental desk and chair, but no bed either.