Jacen Heavensrun

First comes the Living Room, which consists of a hardwood floor, a small couch and 40" television set, a modest stereo system, an extra chair and a coffee table, in addition to a few throw rugs here and there. The walls are white, with a few small paintings and decorations hung up for personal touches. Overall it seems welcoming enough, if a bit on the functional side. The dining room is much as it originally was, with the exception of a small round table and four chairs.

Kitchen: It is unlikely anyone will ever enter this room. Given that it's the kitchen of a Heavensrun living alone, it is a strange and fearful place, worthy of even the most horrendous horror novels. Only Jacen and Nabiki have ever come out alive...Of course, only Jacen and Nabiki have ever -entered-, but that's beside the point...

The first bedroom has been converted into a "gameroom" of sorts, with a second TV, hooked up to various game systems and a PC next to the wall nearest the window. Along the north wall are several long rows of shelves upon which sit various items of enchantment and personal interest. Items such as magical rods sit next to collecters edition action figures and high school yearbooks. Most notable is a long row of anime videocasettes along the bottom shelf...;p The second bedroom consists basically of a fairly large bed, a dresser, and a third 40" television. (having a girlfriend who owns a network is helpful in getting large televisions at a fairly low price...)

The apartment generally gives an air of informality and sincerity. It serves its purpose without going out of it's way to impress or imply anything.