Sumire, Su Yee, and Ro Dreloc

Sumire Natsuda is a high school student and the most recent magical girl on the Nerima scene.

Sumire's room appears fairly conservative at first glance. Tatami mats cover the floor, which is rather spacious by Japanese standards when she remembers to properly put her futon away. (As often as not, she doesn't.) Several cushions, solid pale blue or canary yellow in color, are scattered about the floor, mostly surrounding a low table which doubles as Sumire's desk. Upon the desk, a basket containing live violets adds a floral touch to the room. Next to the flowers sit a neat stack of books, a pencil holder, and a plush penguin. The lone window is covered by pale blue curtains with yellow trim, matching the cushions. Beneath and to one side of the window is a low, wide cabinet, in which Sumire stores her bow, tennis racket, and assorted personal belongings; a stereo sits on top of the cabinet. There is no other furniture, but a pale blue cloth is draped artistically from the ceiling over one corner of the room, and the wall opposite the closet sports three or four posters at any given time.

Su's room is decorated in tasteful pastels .The room is light only by a glowing blue stone hanging in the middle of the room and a window along one wall casting the colours of the room into a muted wash. While the room seems rather small it has a lived in elegance that can not be denied.

In the northeast corner one a raised section of the floor is a roll top desk that appears to have seen much use through the years and a stenographers chair that has seen better days. Looking further one notices that there are no personal items on the desk at all even though it does look well used.The rest of the floor is covered in tatami mat's and rice paper.

Near the entrance to the room is a shelf to hold the shoes of the not so traditional room mates she has.

On another pedestal diagonal to the first is a suit of 5th century Chinese Armor with Gold Filigree Inlay in perfect condition (don't ask where it came from.) Leaning against the armor is a Chinese Automatic Crossbow and two clips of Quarrels. Hanging on the wall to the east of the pedestal is a large Mongel War saddle with 12 Skulls carved into the rough leather.

Along the wall with the window hangs two wall scrolls with pep talk type sayings referring to living life to the fullest. One is done in black and silver and glows slighty silvery in the half light of the room and the other is white and gold and glows blue.

In the middle of the floor is a messed up pile of blankets and Futon mats. They look rather beaten and torn in strange ways as if the person who uses them has nightmares that terrorize her in the night...

As for Ro's room in the apartment, since he has almost no possesions other than the clothes on his back and the gear from his pack, he has a very sparse room, with bedding and minimal supplies. He's currently working on this situation.

The room mates have yet to decide on how to set up the shared rooms of the apartment.