When coming in, you see that everything is neat. The living room has 2 closets and in those closets, you will see normal things such as a vaccum and cleaning supplies it also has a TV, VCR, and other multimedia items. The kitchen has many items such as spices and food with many copper pots and pans hanging from the hooks dangling from the ceiling. The dining room has oak furniture with a crystal vase containing a silk rose. When you enter the bedrooms, however, you will see guns, swords, bombs, and knives on the walls. Inside the closets, there are small various missles of all shapes and sizes with a label in there with a launcher for them. Each bedroom has all the weapons labeled and a brief description on what can it do. This would be a dream to terrorists as these weapons can take out a country. The closets are locked and there are plastic cases encasing the guns if someone has a urge to take the gun and play with it. There is also a large bed in the middle of each of the bedrooms just in case visitors come to take a rest. The last bedroom down the hall has a metal door locked with three locks... This is the room that she sleeps in. Nobody is allowed in there. Even going toward the door gives you a feeling of guilt. Even the bathroom leading to the bedroom is made of metal and locked shut too.