Tegan Dawson and Opus

Tegan Dawson, owner of Mystic Manor, shares apartment 2B with Opus for now.

Tegan decorated the apartment. Since 2B has 4 bedrooms, Tegan and Opus each have two rooms for their use. Tegan's extra room is set up as a personal office, where she keeps her books and does her writing. Opus hasn't changed anything from when PATE used to live there. He's afraid to touch things in there just yet.

The living room and dining room are carpeted in rose colored carpeting. The furniture, except for the sofas and dining room chair seats, is black lacquer. The modular sofa unit and dining room chair seats are in coordinating grey and rose fabrics. A large entertainment center is against one wall in the living room. A large screen tv sits in the center, surrounded by a VCR and a stereo system. Some of the shelves are open, filled with curios Tegan has picked up on her travels. Hanging on the walls are several decorative fans and oriental screens. Rose colored ginger jar lamps sit on the end tables. On the center of the dining room table is a large silk floral arrangement.

Tegan's rooms are coordinated in blue and white, with blue carpeting and white lacquer furniture. In her bedroom, there are stuffed animals scattered around, on the bed, and anywhere she can fit them. She has a television, VCR, and mini stereo in a wall unit in both the bedroom and office. Again, Opus is still uncomfortable changing anything that PATE had previously. There is a large practice mat on the floor and a cabinet for equipment against one of the walls. Instead of the coordinated color scheme favored by Tegan, PATE had chosen more random selections, leaning towards combinations of bright colors.

Show me what's what in the apartment.