Hitomi has the smallest (2 bedroom) apartment at Mystic Manor. When you first step in, you'd think it was like any regular Americanized home. Clean, neat, and filled with lotsa stuff (or at least it used to be when Hitomi had her roommate). In this case, it's more techinical: entertainment systems, stereos, DVD player (^_^), 54" color TV, the works. Plus a computer with Internet access, but that's mostly for school use.

Over the aqua carpeting sit eggshell colored loveseat, and a lay-z-boy. On the wood coffeetable sits piles of 'People', game, _and_ teen magazines. On the two bookshelves by the telvision is filled with books, from mysteries to TV guides. The kitchen is very plain, and the stove looks virtually new.

The room that used to be Jessica's is plainly decorated. Everything is mostly white, including her bed and chair, but her navy carpet, and desk and shelves are wood. Several posters of famous actors are tacked up in some spots.

Hitomi's room is a hodge-podge of stuff, a collecter's dream. Ancient tapastries hang from the wall and a lush Persian rug dominates the floor. A weapon rack stands in one corner and one of those bedroll holding things rest against one wall. The decorations are sparse, but beautiful and intricate. Assorted boods bow down a bookcase made from planks and blocks. The whole atmosphere seems expectant.